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When seeking advice from a lawyer at Martin Wren, P.C. for Personal Injury Claims Charlottesville VA community members rely on, we may suggest filing a claim after you’ve been hurt in an accident. You may need medical appointments, intensive care and other forms of medical attention. Those bills can rack up fast and put you in severe debt if you don’t have the savings to pay them off. Getting compensation from your insurance company or the company of the other driver can help tremendously in speeding up your recovery.

Here are some common questions about personal injury claims:

What If You Were Not Responsible for the Accident?
Negligence is the term applied to the person who caused the accident. If they were not paying attention or acting recklessly on the road, they are negligent and at fault. When this happens, you submit a claim with their insurance company. You will need proof that the other driver was negligent. Some states have no-fault laws, meaning that you can only file with your insurance regardless of who was responsible.

How Do You Prove Negligence?
This can be a tricky matter, especially because the other driver’s insurance will not want to pay you; they may even try to place some of the blame for the crash on you. At the accident scene, take pictures, get a police report, write down notes and ask for statements from anyone who witnessed the crash. A personal injury lawyer Charlottesville VA families trust suggests visiting a doctor immediately so that you have a report to link your injury to the accident.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Personal Injury?
The amount you receive can vary widely from person to person. It is based upon a number of individual factors like the extent of injuries and damage and how the accident occurred. The average amount is usually $3,000 to $75,000. Occasionally, there are expensive cases that go up into the millions, but those often involve uncommon factors.

Should You Contact a Lawyer?
Not all situations require a lawyer’s assistance. If your case is relatively simple with no complicating variables, you may be able to file your claim with no problem. However, if your claim involves a lot of money, debates over who was negligent or an insurance company that refuses to pay, contacting a lawyer may be in your best interest.

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