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At MartinWren, P.C., a Virginia Semi Trailer Wreck Attorney understands that as the victim of a serious accident, you probably have many questions. What happens if you face the prospect of being unable to return to work for months? Will your current financial situation get you through? If you have to miss work so you can recover from an injury after a semi truck accident, there may be a way to improve your financial picture.

A personal injury suit may serve as the vehicle to recover monetary compensation when someone else is the cause of the bodily damage that sidelined you. Explore this tort process in more detail and consider speaking with a member of our team if you find yourself facing this type of situation.

Does the Accident Fit a Personal Injury Case?
As your lawyer can go into further depth during a consultation, some injury cases lend themselves to a personal injury lawsuit. Aside from semi truck collisions, the most common personal injury cases a truck accident lawyer Virginia residents trust may have represented in the past include:

  • A slip and fall in a business
  • Getting struck by fall construction materials
  • Finding out your child has a birth injury
  • Being struck by a distracted driver

For a case to fit the personal injury criteria, you must have been hurt because of someone else’s willful ignorance of common sense or a law. For example, if a truck driver begins texting on their phone, they are purposely breaking the law. If they then wind up rear-ending the car in front, they should be held accountable. Personal injury law revolves around the negligence of one causing harm to another.

Can You Prove Someone Is Liable?
How do you prove the person who injured you is responsible? In a truck accident, it may come down to witness statements and accident reconstruction. In the case of product liability, scientific testing and expert testimony may make the case. There are many ways you can prove negligence if it exists in the first place.

Is Causing an Injury a Crime?
In some personal injury cases, the negligent behavior is so deplorable that you want the liable person punished. Causing an injury to another is not a criminal act unless the laws of your state indicate it is. For example, if a drunk truck driver crashes into you, causing you to be paralyzed, they may be prosecuted for the DUI in criminal court. However, a person merely running a red light will typically not be eligible for criminal prosecution.

The way a personal injury punishes people is through the award of financial compensation. A court may even impose something called punitive damages, which are entirely at the discretion of the judge or jury to award. This category of financial award is a civil court’s version of punishment.

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Personal injury law is common, but it can be quite complicated. It is advisable to have someone with knowledge and experience aid in your efforts. If you want to hear more about how a VA Semi Trailer Wreck Attorney can help you, call MartinWren, P.C. to have your best chance at compensation.

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