Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

When consulting with a Virginia truck accident lawyer from Martin Wren, P.C., there are a few common questions that clients inquire about. The aftermath of a recent truck accident can be scary and leave people with significant financial loss. It is only normal to wonder what your options are in pursuing compensation from the party at fault. Here are examples of questions we often answer during a consultation:

What is my truck accident case worth?

The circumstances of every truck accident are unique, and there is no set amount quoted for each victim. There are certain factors that are taken into account when calculating a potential monetary award in your case. During an appointment, a truck accident lawyer in VA may inquire about the following: 

  • Treatment for injuries that were not covered by your insurance
  • Costs for medical care that came out of your own pocket
  • The degree of your pain and suffering because of the accident
  • How much it cost to fix or replace property
  • Loss of wage or inability to generate income due to injuries
  • Emotional distress due to the crash

How do I pick a lawyer best suited for my case?

If you are searching online for a local lawyer, there are probably pages and pages of law firms that may be able to help you with your case. However, not every lawyer has knowledge specifically in the realm of personal injury law. Your legal team should consist of professionals who:

  • Understand the laws and regulations for truck accidents
  • Has a record of successful trial experience
  • Is someone who you feel comfortable around and confident in their skills

What if the truck company’s insurance adjuster wants to speak with me?

As your lawyer may forewarn, you may be contacted by the trucking company’s insurance adjuster in the days to follow after the accident. Unfortunately, this representative is not someone who will have your best interests in mind. An insurance adjuster will ask questions about the accident and may use your words in such a manner that it minimizes your claim. It is more ideal to speak with a lawyer and have them guide you through this conversation or handle it for you entirely.

Why do you need a truck accident lawyer?

In Virginia, it is the job of a trucking company to make certain their vehicles are working properly and within federal guidelines. In most cases, vehicles that transport goods for a living have little room for error. When negligence or carelessness occurs, accidents often happen quickly with serious results due to the size of the vehicle involved. A Virginia truck accident lawyer who has special knowledge in this area of law is able to collect evidence and determine who was responsible for the accident. Each trucking company has a set insurance policy in Virginia that covers accidents like these. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney and make sure you receive proper compensation for your damages.

What questions do I need to ask during the consultation?

You should be prepared with a list of questions to ask during your consultation. Your Virginia truck accident lawyer will answer them thoroughly and provide you with enough information to make a decision about how you want to proceed with your case. However, keep in mind that it is OK if you do not feel comfortable at the end of a consultation—you can always seek out another opinion or interview.

How does Virginia law affect my claim?

There are many Virginia laws that regulate the trucking industry, for both drivers and companies. This is to make sure everyone involved is accountable when negligence occurs on the roadways. A Virginia personal injury lawyer with knowledge in this area can explain how these regulations play a role in your claim.

How will a truck accident lawyer help me?

A truck accident lawyer in Virginia can help you determine if you need to hire an attorney or pursue your case on your own. They will explain the process and answer any questions you may have before taking legal action against another party. The truck law will also review the documentation provided by the trucking company, including their insurance policy, for errors that could invalidate your case. When truck accidents happen, you need a Virginia truck accident lawyer to help guide you through the process so that they can ensure you receive fair compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered as a result of another party’s negligence.

A Virginia truck accident lawyer from MartinWren, P.C., can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to move forward after an accident and ensure that your case is handled properly and fairly so you receive what you rightfully deserve.

Accidents Caused by Distracted Truck Drivers

As a Virginia truck accident lawyer can explain, it is well-documented just how distracting using a smartphone can be, whether it is talking to someone, texting, or checking social media. That is pretty evident when you are sitting in a restaurant or riding a train. Everyone in Virginia seems to be so focused on their phones that they are almost completely unaware of what it is taking place around them. Now imagine that same level of smartphone focus by someone who is behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Any activity that takes a driver’s focus and attention from the road is considered distracted driving. This not only includes using a smartphone, but can also include eating or drinking while driving, fiddling with a CD player or radio, or setting a GPS. A driver who engages in any of these activities not only may be guilty of breaking the law but also greatly increases the risk of causing a serious – if not fatal – car crash.

Unfortunately, as a Virginia truck accident lawyer knows, because truck drivers spend countless hours in their vehicles, many of them engage in the distracted driving behaviors listed above. This – despite all the studies, warnings, and new laws states have passed that prohibit drivers from using their smartphones while driving – distracted driving truck accidents still continue to increase each year, causing thousands of injuries and deaths.

According to statistics from the National Safety Council, more than 1.5 million vehicle crashes are caused each year because a driver was using their cell phone instead of staying completely focused on their driving. In fact, although alcohol-related accidents are still a major factor in fatal car crashes, a driver is six times more likely to be in or cause a vehicle accident if they are texting than if they are drunk.  

What Damages Can Victims Be Awarded in Distracted Driving Crashes?

If a truck driver is engaged in some type of distracted driving behavior – i.e. using their cellphone, eating, grooming, or even talking to a passenger in the vehicle – they may be violating the duty of care that each driver owes to other commuters they share the road with. Every driver is required to use reasonable care while driving and watch out for hazards and dangers on the road. A truck driver who takes their eyes and focus off the road and hands off the wheel while engaging in distracted driving behavior can be found negligent and therefore liable for any injuries a victim sustains in a crash. This also means the trucking company they work for will also be liable.  

Some of the damages a Virginia truck accident lawyer can obtain for the victim in a truck accident case:

  •     Past, present, and future medical expenses
  •     Past, present, and future loss of income
  •     Loss of earning capacity
  •     Pain and suffering
  •     Mental anguish
  •     Permanent disability
  •     Scarring
  •     Disfigurement
  •      Inconvenience
  •      Humiliation

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