Auto Accident Lawyer Charlottesville VA

Auto Accident Lawyer Charlottesville VA

Auto Accident Lawyer Charlottesville VAIn today’s age, cell phones have quickly become a necessity. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured in accidents in which distracted driving was present. When a person looks down at their phone to answer an email or respond to a text message, they take their eyes away from the most important task of all, driving. Although states attempt to reduce the number of driver’s using their phones by putting laws in place; people are still giving in to temptation. If you have been the victim of an accident, an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia can help, especially when it comes to proving that the driver was texting when they caused the accident.

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Proving the Driver was Texting

Texting and driving is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, despite its risks, many drivers still engage in this type of behavior when behind the wheel. Have you ever been driving and spotted someone driving too slow or weaving in an out of their lane? You may have suspected they were texting. Despite this, you may have not know for sure whether this was truly to be the case.

If you have been the victim of a car accident, there may be a number of ways to prove that the driver was using their cell phone at the time of the accident. Accessing the representation and guidance of a Charlottesville, VA auto accident lawyer can be incredibly helpful when it comes to this. They may play a key role in helping to gather this key information to build a strong case.

  1. Checking cell phone records
  2. Speaking with eyewitnesses
  3. Reviewing the police report
  4. Speaking with the driver to ask what happened
  5. Reviewing video footage from the crash (if available)

For accident victims, the idea of gathering this type of information can seem daunting, especially when recovering from an injury. With a Charlottesville, VA auto accident lawyer by your side, the process may not feel as overwhelming. Not only will an attorney know exactly what will be needed to prove the driver was texting, they will also know which information will be key to help prove your case. This can help alleviate a lot of stress for an accident victim, allowing them to focus on their recovery.   


In order to have a successful car accident case on your hands, you and your Charlottesville, VA auto accident lawyer will be charged with proving that the driver was negligent. When a driver is found to be negligent, they may be held liable for the accident. In cases involving a driver who was texting and driving, their behavior almost always constitutes as negligence. This is because when a person is distracted and behind the wheel of a vehicle, their ability to operate a car may be severely limited. This may result in their inability to have control of the vehicle. Proving negligence must incorporate the following key elements in order to have a successful case:

  1. Duty of care
  2. Breach in the duty of care
  3. Causation
  4. Damages

As the victim of a car accident, proving negligence will be key to obtaining the compensation you may be entitled to. An attorney may play an important role to helping you obtain compensation so that you may receive relief from the financial pressures you are under as a result of the car accident.

How to Calculate the Value of a Car Case

Personal injury cases include several different types of lawsuits. For example, slip and fall lawsuits and car accident claims are both types of lawsuits that may fall under the umbrella of personal injury cases. The types of damages that you may be able to collect are economic and non-economic. Here is what you need to know about calculating the value of your car accident case. Bare in mind that you should consult an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA for personalized advice. 

General and Special Damages

General damages are difficult to calculate. These damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress and the effects of your injuries. Special damages, on the other hand, are losses that stem from your accident. This includes your bills, missed work, out-of-pocket costs or property damage. As an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA might explain, compensation may be available for these costs. 

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is difficult to quantify. When calculating the settlement, you may use the multiplier or per diem method. The multiplier method takes medical expenses of the past and future and multiplies them by anywhere from one and a half to five. The per diem method, on the other hand, takes the days of pain and multiples it by a daily rate to come up with a result. The method used to calculate your losses will largely depend on the circumstances of your case. This can be further explained by  an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA. 

The most difficult part of the per diem method is justifying why you chose the daily rate that you did. You want to make sure that you choose a daily rate that seems reasonable. The idea behind this formula is to show that the pain that your injuries or the accident causes you is comparable to the effort that you would need to put in to go to work each day.

In many cases, an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA will use both methods and then use that range to make your demands. There is a chance you will get different numbers. This will be fine, because you still have to go through negotiations. You always start at the highest end of your settlement range and work backwards.

When it comes to negotiating your car accident case, it’s important that you have an idea of what you deserve. The entire process behind choosing the value of a personal injury case is complicated. You want to make sure that you negotiate a settlement that is fair to you and also reasonable. If you make too large of a demand, you may not reach a settlement, whereas if you ask for too little, you may be cheated out of what you deserve.

It is very important to understand that only after you consult  an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA can you determine what the value of your case may be. 

Emotional Anguish

Most people know that when a victim is in a car accident caused by another party, Virginia law allows them to pursue damages for the medical expenses to treat those injuries and loss of income if they are unable to work while they recover from their injuries. However, many victims do not realize that they may also be entitled to financial compensation for any emotional anguish the car accident and/or their injuries have caused them. An auto accident lawyer Charlottesville VA families recommend knows understands that these emotional injuries can be just as debilitating and severe as the physical injuries they suffer.

Emotional anguish or injuries can include anxiety, depression, flashbacks, nightmares, and more. There are even some accidents where the victim does not suffer physical injuries, but the trauma of the crash was so intense, or they witnessed another victim get severely injured or killed in the accident. They can be left with emotional injuries that interfere with their ability to work or even just live their day-to-day life as they did before the accident.

Emotional Trauma Symptoms

Multiple studies reveal that almost 40 percent of vehicle accident victims end up developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some of the emotional or psychological issues a victim can be left dealing with are:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Compulsive or obsessive behaviors
  • Depressed mood
  • Flashbacks
  • Hypervigilance
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Nightmares
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias

How an Auto Accident Lawyer Charlottesville VA Can Get Compensation for You

In order for an injured victim to receive compensation, they must show that their injuries have caused them to suffer some type of loss or damage as a result. As mentioned above, these damages can include medical expenses and lost wages. An attorney will use the victim’s medical records to show physical injuries and payroll records to show lost wages.

In order to prove that the victim is suffering from emotional injuries and to obtain financial compensation for those injuries, their attorney will need to produce evidence. This can involve having the victim evaluated and properly diagnosed by a mental health professional. This information is then included in the personal injury lawsuit as one of the areas where the victim has suffered losses.

Although many car accident victims think they can just pursue a car accident claim on their own, the reality is that the majority of victims obtain a much better settlement or award when they have a car accident attorney advocating for them. An auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville VA  will evaluate the victim’s case to determine all liable parties. They will then gather the evidence of the victim’s psychological and physical injuries and show the correlation between the car accident and the development of symptoms. If needed, the attorney will also call medical professionals to testify should the case go to litigation if the insurance company refuses to negotiate a fair and just settlement offer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, one of your first steps should be to hire an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when hiring a lawyer:

Hiring a Lawyer Who Promises You the Most Money:

When you’re dealing with medical bills and are out of work due to your injury, it’s tempting to hire a lawyer who promises you the most money. However, you should be wary about hiring a lawyer who makes a promise like this. The amount of compensation you recover depends on several different factors, such as the cost of your medical bills, the severity of your injuries and the amount of your lost wages. No lawyer can tell you exactly how much money you will receive until they know all of these factors.

Selecting a Lawyer Based on Location:

Some auto accident victims make the mistake of choosing a lawyer who lives closest to their home. You don’t want to do this. Remember that most of your conversations with your lawyer will be conducted over the phone or email. Instead of choosing a lawyer based on convenience, select a lawyer who has the proper experience and skills to represent you.

Choosing a Lawyer Without Trial Experience:

It’s true that the majority of auto accident cases get settled out of court. However, if the defendant’s insurance company is refusing to provide you with fair compensation, it may be in your best interest to go to trial. That’s why it’s crucial to hire an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA with years of trial experience.

Not Asking Questions:

During your initial consultation, the lawyer isn’t the only one who should be asking questions. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions about a lawyer’s skills and experience. For example, you may want to find out how many auto accidents cases a lawyer has handled in the past and how many years of trial experience he or she has.

Paying Out of Pocket:

If an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA asks you to pay fees upfront, go to someone else. It’s best to look for a lawyer who works on a contingency basis, meaning he or she will take a percentage of your settlement. If you don’t win your case, you won’t owe your lawyer any money.

Auto Accident Infographic

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Auto Accident Lawyer Infographic

Have You Been Injured Due to the Negligent Actions of Another Driver?

Although there are some situations where unavoidable accidents do happen, in most cases, they are the result of human error. Texting and driving is 100% preventable, meaning, many accidents could have been avoided if the driver had refrained from this activity. Accidents that can be prevented can be incredibly frustrating for a victim. Seeking help from an auto accident lawyer Charlottesville VA clients turn to may prove helpful should legal action be necessary. Call MartinWren,
<h2nid=”sec11″>What about Truck Accidents?

An auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia, can help you get through the challenges of your car accident, but what happens if there’s a major difference between your car accident and everyone else’s? Granted, every car accident is different, but if your case has a particularly big difference, it could lead to some interesting complications.

Nobody likes being involved in car accidents. But a truck accident? That’s not something they teach us about in driver’s ed. Fortunately, a qualified car accident lawyer from MartinWren, P.C. can provide you with all the information you need about how to handle your truck accident. Read on to learn a little more about what you should do if you’ve been involved in a semi truck accident, and how we can help:

Truck Accidents: Similar, but Different

The biggest difference between an ordinary car accident and a semi truck accident is the types of vehicles involved. Semi trucks are massive, and if you’re involved in an accident with one of these behemoths, there’s much more chance of serious injury. Chances are, if you’re reading this you’ve already been involved in a truck accident, but here’s a checklist of what you should do if you’re ever in an accident involving a semi.

Follow car accident protocol:

As with any other car accident, get to a safe spot before exiting your vehicle. You’ll need to pull over safely, and ensure everyone in your car (and any other cars involved) is safe. Call for medical help as soon as possible if you suspect anyone’s been injured.

Collect contact information:

Again, there are some major similarities between truck accidents and ordinary car accidents. You’ll need to collect information from all the involved parties, including their insurance information. If a truck is an independent contractor, the driver might have their own insurance, and if a truck is part of a fleet, the company itself might have insurance instead – but whatever the case, you’ll want to be able to keep in touch with their insurance provider.

Document everything:

You should take steps to fully document your accident. This includes taking as many photos as possible, and getting witness testimony if you can. People who witnessed your accident may not feel comfortable telling you everything on the spot, especially if the other party is breathing down their neck: Instead, get their contact information and reach out to them later.

If you weren’t able to follow these instructions to the letter, don’t stress out: An auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA from MartinWren, P.C. can help you get all the information you need, and will provide you with valuable legal guidance about how you should proceed. 

Our Charlottesville, VA Auto Accident Lawyers from Martin Wren, P.C. are seasoned in handling personal injury accidents. We have represented many clients, probably very similar to yourself, who have suffered injury and financial loss because of an accident. Even the best of drivers who prioritize safety can still get into a serious wreck if another driver was out on the road being reckless. Anyone who was hurt after being in a car accident is strongly advised to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible about their eligibility for monetary compensation.

As your lawyer may tell you, having witnesses who support your side of the story can be influential to the outcome of your case. Of course, you are the primary witness in the accident, however, an insurance company or jury may see you as biased because you are the party seeking financial restitution. Here we talk further about the three kinds of witnesses who can be useful in a car accident case:

Witnesses for the Wreck

Those who saw the accident as it happened can confirm the other driver’s recklessness. Bystanders, pedestrians, or passengers in your car can be helpful witnesses. Friends and family can attest to how you’ve suffered since the accident, but neutral third parties who have no personal gain in your case can be persuasive in convincing a jury or insurance company that you should be fairly compensated.

Expert Witnesses

The kind of expert witness you may need to retain will be based on what your disputes are with the insurance company. For instance, if the company claims that your own actions caused the wreck, you may have to speak with a reconstruction expert to show how the other driver was the negligent person. Other expert witnesses your Charlottesville Auto Accident Lawyers in Virginia may suggest having include economic experts, medical professionals, occupational experts, and engineers.

Witnesses to Your Injuries

If an insurance company is trying to minimize the severity of your physical injuries that were from the accident, your co-workers, family, friends, and significant others can be useful people to serve as witnesses. They can testify for your injuries, how you were adversely impacted on a daily basis, and your inability or challenges getting back into work after the accident. Furthermore, they can also attest to the emotional trauma you went through, and how the entire ordeal has added mental anguish to your life.

Charlottesville VA Auto Accident Lawyers FAQs

As your Auto Accident Lawyers in Charlottesville, VA from Martin Wren, P.C. knows all too well, many people become victims in car accidents when they were just innocently going about their day. No one gets into their car expecting to be in a wreck, but when it happens, it’s important to know what your options are in seeking compensation. Here are the answers to some of most common inquiries about car accidents:

How should I respond after a car accident?

While it can be difficult, stay as calm as you can, then call the police. Be sure to inform the operator if you or another person has been seriously injured. Gather the contact information from each party involved in the accident, in addition to any witnesses. Take pictures of the vehicle damage, accident scene, and visible injuries. The officer who arrives should take a report of what happened, so be sure to state your side of the story and how things unfolded through your perspective.

Do I need to go to court if I’ve filed a claim?

For most, an auto accident claim will be resolved not in the court system, but through a negotiation between the parties and their insurance companies. Unfortunately, many insurance companies want to settle a claim quickly, and aren’t concerned about providing the victim with what he or she needs to fully recover. If your case does need to be handled in court, our team is experienced in these matters and are prepared to represent you. 

What if I feel fine after the car accident?

You may feel okay in the moments after the car crash, but this doesn’t mean that you didn’t sustain any injury. In fact, car accident injuries are notorious for showing up in the hours or days afterwards. A doctor can identify injuries that may not be apparent to you yet. If you do not get injuries treated promptly, you may unintentionally be forfeiting your right to recover compensation for current and future medical expenses. 

What if the accident was partially my fault?

Never accept blame or apologize for the accident. There are many factors that could have influenced the crash which you are not aware of yet. If the investigation concludes that you were partially responsible, you may still receive compensation, but just to a lesser percentage.

Do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer?

When you get involved in an accident that leaves you injured and changes your life, it may be difficult to find out your next steps. Hiring a lawyer is not necessary in minor cases, but if you were seriously injured, your vehicle has had significant damage, or you have expenses that you need to pay, seeking legal assistance may be beneficial. After an accident, many victims are stuck with the cost of medical bills and other miscellaneous expenses. To find out what damages you can claim, speak to an experienced car accident lawyer so they can assess your case. Car accidents happen every day, but an auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia can make sure you aren’t just another statistic.

Any car accident – no matter how minor – has the potential to cause serious medical issues and expenses. You can walk away from a fender bender, or barely survive a major pile-up, but in either case, you’ll have to deal with insurance companies, bills, and even lost wages. Dealing with these tasks on your own can not only be a hassle, but a risk. Your chances of succeeding and obtaining the compensation you need and deserve are smaller if you choose not to work with a lawyer. 

The financial costs of an accident can be overwhelming. Medical bills can add up and quickly skyrocket, and the cost of a single treatment can reach up to thousands of dollars. For many patients, the financial burden that comes with an accident injury is one of the biggest sources of stress.  You might hope that insurance will cover some amount of your injuries, but you can never count on them to keep you afloat. However, if you don’t have insurance, your expenses can be significantly higher. A car accident lawyer will fight for you so that you are not overwhelmed with your expenses. They will explore every possible financial source so that all of your costs are taken care of. The time and money it costs to hire a lawyer is worth it in the long run. Sometimes, it pays to turn to a qualified legal resource that can help you secure important financial compensation.

Before you seek out a car accident lawyer, it pays to know all you can about the dangers of a car accident, and whether or not you’ll be able to seek damages for your injuries. Knowing specifically what the dangers are for your particular case is important so that you understand what damages you can claim. 

Knowing the risks:

There are many factors that can affect how severe your injuries are in a car accident, such as vehicle speed, location of the vehicles, and whether or not you are wearing a seatbelt. Every car accident is different, and so are the potential injuries:


The rapid back-and-forth motion of a passenger’s neck can lead to serious medical complications after a car accident. While you may be feeling too much adrenaline after an accident to notice anything, over the next few days (and even weeks) you might notice soreness that won’t go away, or you might not be able to move your neck as much. Your muscles can feel really tense and your range of motion may be extremely limited. Whiplash causes a lot of trouble for car accident victims. It can be expensive to fix. However, for many victims the condition is temporary and goes away after several days.

Traumatic brain injuries:

Any kind of brain injury is serious, but if you believe you have suffered a traumatic brain injury you should take action right away. You should always get yourself checked out by a medical professional if you suspect you’ve experienced any kind of head injury. If you aren’t feeling any symptoms, there’s still no way to be sure you’re healthy. Brain injury symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Car accidents have the potential to cause serious and long-lasting brain injuries, and getting medical attention right away is the only way to prevent head injuries from developing into permanent damage.


While most car accidents don’t turn into burning wrecks, there’s always the chance you might burn yourself on some exposed components while getting out of a damaged vehicle. Your car may have come in contact with a wire or your engine might suddenly combust. And of course, if your accident did turn into a burning wreck, you might need therapy for the physical (and mental) harm.

Aside from serious medical bills, you may be struggling with lost wages: Chances are, you aren’t able to clock in for work every day after you’ve experienced a serious car accident. Fortunately, having the right legal assistance can change your financial outlook for the better. A skilled car accident lawyer will examine your damages and determine if you need 

After a car accident, it’s best to not speak to the other party’s insurance company yourself. If they attempt to contact you in any way you do not have to give them a response. Talking to them is not recommended because they may use your statements against you. Let your auto accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA to do the talking instead.

Auto accident lawyers Charlottesville, Virginia trusts are there for you when you might need them most. No matter how responsible you are as a driver, there is only so much you can do to avoid a collision. An accident can happen out of nowhere. A collision can be incredibly devastating and lead to financial, emotional, and physical repercussions that last well into the future or for the rest of your life. When you are at a loss of what to do, you can depend on a trusted auto accident lawyer for help. The moments after an accident can be jarring, especially if you have suffered a serious injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto crash, you may want to consider what you need to do next. Talking to a lawyer about your options is a good start. If you are considering filing a claim, you will want to have an understanding of your situation before you make a decision. You may wish to start by calling Charlottesville auto accident lawyers.

MartinWren, P.C. is the kind of law firm you can count on for results. Every case is challenging and has unique demands and circumstances, but as a top law firm they understand how to provide their clients the results they are looking for. They don’t use a single approach when it comes to legal representation, and instead try to get to know the needs of each client. As experienced lawyers, they are aware that the complexities of the legal process can be tough to navigate, and there are often obstacles that are difficult to overcome. With the legal assistance offered by a top-rated lawyer, clients can go through their legal situation with confidence knowing that they are in good hands. As respected auto accident lawyers Charlottesville VA residents rely on, our legal team is available to hear from you for a free and confidential consultation.

It is important that victims of car accidents understand the various types of damages they may receive due to injuries and losses. Some victims may accept a settlement offer that is much lower than the true value of their claim, simply because they just don’t realize they deserve more. They may believe that accepting an offer early is reasonable since it is better than no offer at all. However, accepting a less than ideal settlement offer is not recommended. This means that victims may end up having to pay out of pocket for losses that were caused because of the other driver’s negligence or carelessness. You can avoid these issues by consulting with a top-rated lawyer who is committed to fighting for the best settlement available. A lawyer will advocate for you and negotiate with the insurance company until they can secure a reasonable and fair offer that will cover the cost of your full expenses. They will evaluate the damages you may be entitled to. At Martin Wren Law, we believe this isn’t fair at all and will do what we can to get you a fair amount in financial restitution for what you have endured.

The Impact of Auto Accidents

Although many auto accidents are similar by nature, the impact can vary from one case to another. Some may result in excessive property damage, but minimal injuries. Others might cause severe or life threatening injuries that require months or years of rehabilitation. In general, the larger the vehicle is, and the greater the speed, the more the damage will be. This is why commercial truck accidents tend to be more severe than accidents with sedans. What’s important to take away from here is that no matter what the impact of your incident may be, you have the right to talk to auto accident lawyers Charlottesville VA provides.

If you believe negligence or wrongdoing by the other driver was a factor in the crash and any of the following resulted, please call MartinWren, P.C. as soon as possible:

  • Head, neck, or spine injury
  • Internal bleeding
  • Loss of limb
  • Disability
  • Loss of vision or hearing
  • Brain damage
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Severe scarring
  • Coma
  • Death

Auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville VA can tell you what steps need to be taken in order to get justice. A lawyer can determine what your damages are so you can receive the right compensation amount for them. While nothing can reverse your injuries, obtaining fair and reasonable compensation can cover the cost of treatment for your injuries, as well as other losses that you have endured. This includes pain and suffering, emotional anguish, loss of companionship, and loss of life enjoyment. Monetary compensation may be available to help you and your loved ones put aside your financial worries regarding accident damages. Examples of monetary compensation include:

  • Past, current, and future medical costs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home renovations to accommodate wheelchairs or hospital beds
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional grievance
  • Loss of wages
  • Funeral costs

Punitive damages might also be possible. They may be an option in certain cases. For example, if you were struck by a driver who was under the influence you may be able to include punitive damages in your claim. These are meant to act as a punishment to the negligent party, but are only pursued in certain cases. Auto accident lawyers Charlottesville VA relies on can let you know what kinds of damages may be obtained and how much your case may be worth. Don’t wait another day to learn about what damages you can sue for. Call MartinWren, P.C. now.

Medical Costs and Treatment

Costs for medical care are usually one of the main forms of economic loss the victim experiences after a car accident. You may have been ushered to the hospital from the scene of the wreck, and that trip in an ambulance won’t be free. You may not have insurance at all, or maybe your insurance coverage was not sufficient enough to cover the total expenses.  After that, you may have been hospitalized or sent to emergency surgery, which can cause medical costs to soar through the roof. If you are burdened by medical expenses that you are struggling to pay, talking to a seasoned auto accident lawyer can help. They will explore the available sources of financial compensation so that your expenses can be covered. You can count on them to fight for the settlement offer that you deserve. 

Even for those who didn’t get emergency care but still needed treatment for injuries, the costs can range in the high thousands. The cost of treatment for a single injury can be steep. Please inform a lawyer at Martin Wren law if you have unpaid bills or spent your own money for: 

  • Hospital stays
  • Medication
  • Ambulance costs
  • Prosthetics
  • Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Diagnostics
  • Other procedures

Loss of Income

An accident may have left you unable to fulfill your job duties either temporarily or permanently. Your lawyer at Martin Wren Law can calculate your income loss amount based on how long you had to be away from work to recover. Determining how much you are owed in income loss is a straightforward process. To help us calculate this, it will help to provide us with past paycheck stubs or a statement from your employer that lists how many days and hours you missed work, plus your salary or hourly pay. Your auto accident lawyers Chartlottesville, VA can help you to review these documents.

Pain and Suffering

If as the victim you had to go through non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, due to your injuries, then you may receive an additional amount in restitution. Your auto accident lawyers Chartlottesville, VA can assess your injury diagnosis, treatments, and symptoms to evaluate whether you are eligible to receive this type of compensation. If your injuries were particularly painful and debilitating, chances are you could be awarded pain and suffering. 

What if I’ve been involved in a rollover?

Auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, Virginia, can help you get compensation, no matter the type of accident. It’s important to reach out to a lawyer you can trust as soon as possible, whether you’ve been involved in a fender-bender or a serious rollover.

Car accidents are always dangerous. No matter how minor an accident might seem on the surface, there’s always a chance of severe medical issues developing in the days, weeks, or even months after your accident. In the event of a vehicle rollover, there is a much higher chance of having serious injuries – and you shouldn’t hesitate to get the legal assistance you need.

You might think you can depend on insurance companies to help you foot the bill for your pain and suffering, but many insurance companies like to drag their feet before finally paying you what you deserve. You may need extra help from an auto accident lawyer in order to get compensation from whoever might be responsible for your injuries, especially after a rollover.

What makes rollovers so dangerous?

A rollover is a much more intensive accident in which your car flips onto its side, roof, or even completely back onto its wheels. These types of accidents can cause grievous bodily injury, especially if there were other items in the vehicle that could cause secondary impacts and additional harm to passengers.

As with other types of vehicle accident, you should expect financial compensation. This can come from insurance companies and negligent drivers, but in the event of a vehicle rollover, other parties can be held responsible, too. For example, a car manufacturer might have improperly engineered your vehicle, or a city could have failed to warn about a tight corner. 

Whatever the background of your rollover, experienced auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA, can help you determine who is at fault for your accident – and who is at fault for your injuries. That’s why you can count on MartinWren, P.C.

What Not to Do After Being in an Auto Accident

In driving school, we are often taught about what to do after an auto accident. But rarely are we told what not to do, and how certain actions can have a negative impact on the outcome of our insurance claim and civil lawsuit against the other driver. Anyone who has been part of an auto collision can rely on the knowledge of the auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville VA at MartinWren, P.C. We have been committed to helping protect the rights of innocent people who became victims due to another’s actions.

Do Not Admit Responsibility

In the moments after a car accident, even if it wasn’t your fault it can be an automatic response to say “I’m sorry” in an attempt to make amends. The situation is likely to be awkward for both drivers. Despite wanting to make things less uncomfortable, refrain from apologizing or making other statements that can be interpreted as admitting fault. Even if you think you may be responsible, there could be factors of the accident in which you are not aware of yet. 

Do Not Provide Unnecessary Statements

After talking with your insurance company and one of the Charlottesville VA auto accident lawyers at MartinWren, P.C., there really isn’t anyone else who needs a statement from you about the accident. So, if you receive calls from representatives who claim to need answers about what happened, this is likely untrue. In fact, these people may be from the other driver’s insurance company and are calling to get your side of the story. No matter how well-intentioned this phone call may seem, remember that these people are against you and want to minimize your claim in any way they can.

Do Not Post on Social Media

It doesn’t matter if your social media page is set to private. There still may be ways for posts to be accessed. If the car accident turns into a civil lawsuit, the other driver’s attorneys may be doing whatever they can to find evidence to use against you. Posting a statement on social media can be twisted and misinterpreted, ultimately leading to your case being damaged. Refrain from venting about the accident on social media outlets entirely. 

Do Not Forget to Take Photographs

Before leaving the scene, it is crucial that you take pictures of everything. You will want to capture both vehicle damages, your injuries, debris on the ground, broken windshields, old vehicle damage, a panoramic, street signs, and anything else related. The more photographic evidence you have, the better your chances are of showing how the other driver was at fault for the collision. If you aren’t sure what photographs are most helpful to your case, you can ask one of the auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville VA at MartinWren, P.C. for advice.

Types of Evidence You Need in an Auto Accident Case

If you plan to pursue a lawsuit for your auto accident injuries, it is critical to preserve evidence. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be. Here are some important pieces of evidence your auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA will recommend you to have:

Photos of the Accident Scene:

Never leave the scene of an auto accident without taking adequate photos. If you are able to physically do so, take several shots of the scene with your smartphone camera. You’ll want to capture shots of all the vehicles involved in the accident, skid marks on the road, your injuries, traffic signs and road defects. If you are not in the condition to take photos, see if a bystander can help.

Police Report:

After an auto accident, police are required to come to the scene and create a report. This report will include critical information about the crash, like where and when the accident occurred and who may have been at fault. Remember to obtain a copy of this police report for your records.

Medical Records:

To prove that the auto accident resulted in your injuries, you must provide your medical records to your auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA. That is why you must seek medical attention promptly, even if you feel fine. A doctor will properly evaluate your injuries and recommend the appropriate treatment. Your medical records, such as x-rays or MRI’s, can serve as evidence of the extent of your injuries.

Witness Testimony:

If there were other people present at the time of the accident, do not be afraid to ask them for their names and contact information. They may be able to back up your story in court.


Save the clothes you were wearing at the time of the accident and do not wash them. If they are torn or bloodied, the clothes can show evidence that the accident occurred.

Vehicle Damage Reports:

If you were in an auto accident, it is likely that your vehicle sustained some damage. To make sure you get properly compensated, save receipts for repairing your vehicle.

Surveillance Footage:

These days, many traffic cameras contain recording devices. These video recordings can show the court exactly what happened during the accident. Ask your auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA to access these tapes. 

Dealing with a car accident by yourself can be mentally and financially draining. It can be difficult to balance life responsibilities and fight for your side of the story in a lawsuit. One of the auto accident lawyers Charlottesville VA clients recommend from MartinWren, P.C. can represent you as you seek compensation for the accident. Please call us today!

If you need help regarding an accident and want to know how much you could receive if you get help from a lawyer at our law firm, then contact Martin Wren Law today for assistance. We understand that during this time you may be in pain and just want the entire situation to be over. However, you must not accept a settlement that is drastically lower than what you truly deserve. We are waiting for your phone call!

Things to Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer 

 Finding auto accident lawyers in Charllottesville VA shouldn’t be a daunting task and should be something you can do in full confidence. Knowing you are working with a reputable car accident lawyer will save you time and money in the long run. Just how do you know if your lawyer on your case is going to be the right one for you? There are many things to look for when searching and we have provided a list of what to look for. 

5 Things Any Car Accident Lawyer Should Have

Clear Communication 

When it comes to communication you are going to want your lawyer to be transparent. A good lawyer is going to make it easy to understand what is going on with your case and what they can do to help you. They should provide you with clear information about their process, fees, and values. If you have questions they should be direct and to the point with you. There should be no confusing lingo that only a lawyer would understand. If they can’t provide you with this information in the consultation then there is a high chance you’ll have issues later on down the line. A lawyer should be open to you and provide you with truthful information rather than just getting a case. 

Engaged in Conversation 

We’ve all been in a conversation that we felt the other party wasn’t engaged in. You don’t want this when it comes to your lawyer. You want someone who is interested in your case and is not just putting the minimum amount of required effort in. An engaged lawyer is going to ask many detailed questions about your case and what you want out of it. THey will also be honest with you and try not to oversell anything. 

Willing to Provide References 

It is a good idea to ask for a list of references you can contact and speak to when it comes to your lawyer. These references should speak to the reputation of the lawyer. Even if you don’t contact the references they provide you know that they trust their reputation enough to do so. If the lawyer you are talking to won’t provide you reference then you should avoid them. That means they either don’t have one or it isn’t a good one. 

Organized Spaces 

Keep a lookout for how the office is upheld. Is it clean and everything is running smoothly or are there things that seem out of place? How is their desk looking? Are they having to ruffle through piles of paper to get what they need? Are they struggling to keep up with incoming calls? If they are struggling with this it doesn’t reflect well on their ability to handle your case with the care needed. 


Always ask about the experience a lawyer has with cases like yours. If they aren’t experienced in auto accidents then you should look for someone else. These cases can take effort and they can get complicated. Having someone on your side that knows how to handle it will make all the difference. 

Questions To Ask Before Selecting an Auto Accident Lawyer

At Martin Wren, P.C. Attorneys at Law, we are here to give you access to auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA. At the same time, we understand that you have multiple options if you are looking for a lawyer to represent your needs following a motor vehicle accident. How can you select the right lawyer to meet your needs? It is important to ask the right questions to find the best legal team to defend your rights. What questions should you ask before hiring an auto accident attorney? 

Do You Specialize in Car Accident Law?

The first question you need to ask when you are looking for a car accident lawyer is whether that professional specializes in car accident law. Similar to doctors, lawyers tend to specialize in a specific area of the law. Some lawyers may handle immigration law while other lawyers may handle criminal law. If you have been involved in a serious auto accident, you need to work with a lawyer who has experience handling cases related to auto accident law. 

Have You Handled Cases Like Mine in the Past?

Another question you should ask when looking for auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA is whether the lawyer has handled cases similar to yours in the past. Every car accident is different, and you should work with a lawyer who has experience handling certain parts of your case. For example, if your case involves a drunk driver, you should work with a lawyer who has experience dealing with cases involving drunk driving. If your accident involves a tractor-trailer driven by a commercial driver, you should work with a lawyer who has experience dealing with cases involving commercial drivers. All of this is important for putting your case in the best position possible to be successful. 

What Percentage of Your Cases Go To Trial?

Finally, you should also ask the lawyer what percentage of his or her cases go to trial. If most of the cases are settled out of court, this means that you probably will not have to take the stand. If the cases do go to trial, you need to ask a lawyer what percentage of those cases end in victories. Make sure you work with a lawyer who has a high success rate. If the lawyer has successfully settled or tried numerous cases in the past, then this could mean that your case might be successful as well. Get a feel for that lawyer’s prior cases. 

Work with the Right Auto Accident Attorney

If you are looking for auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA, work with the team from  Martin Wren, P.C. Attorneys at Law. You have a lot to think about following a serious motor vehicle accident, and you need to work with the team that will put your interests first. You deserve to focus on your medical recovery, so work with a lawyer who can take the legal issues off your hands. Make sure your rights are defended so you can focus on your recovery. 

If you are looking for auto accident lawyers in Charllottesville VA then you can know that MartinWren, P.C. understands what it takes to take on your auto accident case. If you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out today!

Five Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer When You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

When you’ve been in a collision, you may feel like taking the path of least resistance when it comes to settling matters. You weren’t responsible for the accident and the person at-fault is deeply apologetic and forthcoming with insurance information. It seems cut-and-dried. Why rock the boat and involve an attorney, right? Wrong! Here are five benefits for seeking the services of auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA.

A Car Crash Pro

Even in the most straightforward situations, insurance companies are prioritizing their bottom line. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to more compensation than an insurer is willing to pay. Hiring an attorney means having someone who is experienced at handling auto accidents in your corner, representing your best interests. This professional is committed to making sure you get as much compensation as possible.

Knowledgeable of the Law

When it comes to the law, it’s great to have auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA, working on your behalf. You want a litigator who thoroughly understands the law as it relates to vehicle collisions and knows what does and doesn’t apply in your situation. Details such as negligence, liability and statute of limitations can impact how you fare. Your attorney not only understands current legal requirements but also can respond appropriately to changes.

A Thorough Investigation

Proving liability requires a full investigation and a thorough approach to collecting evidence. Your attorney has the time and the tools to secure accident reports, find and interview witnesses, consult subject matter experts, collect video and photographic evidence and examine vehicles for faults. What may appear as factual at the time of the collision may not be so upon further investigation. Your lawyer has the resources that can lead to the most favorable outcome for you.

Communication With Insurance Companies

You can be sure that insurance companies have their own strategies for minimizing their payouts. An auto accident lawyer can deal with all communications between you and an insurer, avoiding a situation where your words are used against you to compromise your claim. Your attorney is best prepared to speak on your behalf, especially if you need to file a lawsuit and hash things out in court.

Settlement Negotiations

You might think that your settlement needs to be large enough to cover your property damage and medical bills. In reality, your claim might be worth significantly more, especially when you factor things such as lost wages from being unable to work, future impacts from the accident such as rehabilitation, loss of future opportunities and other implications. Your auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville, VA, can help you maximize your settlement.

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Some people plan for emergencies like car accidents, but truck accidents usually take even the best of us by surprise. Fortunately, with the help of a qualified car accident lawyer, you can take steps to get the compensation you deserve from a frustrating, dangerous, and potentially traumatic truck accident.

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