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After much discussion and wrangling, the verdict is finally in on a new western bypass for U.S. Route 29 around Charlottesville, Virginia. Reporting from the Daily Progress March 19 indicated that the transportation advisory panel has terminated the bypass project. Part of this, according to what’s coming out about the project, is related to the request of the Federal Highway Administration, which had asked the state to find alternatives.

A Burden To Protect

The newspaper coverage around last month’s bypass activity clues readers in that boards are now trying to make tough decisions about how to handle high-traffic areas of Route 29. There is a suggestion that the 10-member local panel is working on a tight deadline, and there is also the indication in a quote by state transportation secretary Aubrey Layne that there hasn’t been much talk about “congestion mitigation” – the report details political grievances and other mitigating factors in a long-term process, but just like the deliberations on the bypass, it doesn’t really go into how officials plan to provide safety for local residents. Virginia injury law firm teams will be looking at how local planners support a safe environment on Charlottesville and Albemarle roadways.

Congested Traffic Areas and Traffic Safety 

Locals understand that congested areas of Route 29 present their own challenges to drivers and passengers. It’s often those congested transportation corridors where high rates of accidents occur, especially with sudden lane changes or other events like roadwork. High-traffic corridors have to be set up safely in order to handle large volumes of traffic, and they have to have appropriate safety signage and other public safety apparatus in place, along with serviceable road conditions.

Assessing Local Factors in Car Accidents

Lawyers working for a Virginia injury law firm will look at areas like U.S. 29 to assess whether local planners implemented correct safety precautions for residents. This is just one aspect of helping personal injury clients, including auto accident victims, to find ways to collect compensation for their costs and hardships as they struggle on the long road toward full recovery.

Personal injury lawyers in the state of Virginia work on both a proactive and a prescriptive basis. They help their clients to get around any restrictions or limitations posed by Virginia or local law, as well as federal law and guidelines. At the same time, they help clients to document a case in order to get a better chance of successful resolution.

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