VA Laws on Defective Chinese Drywall

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VA Laws On Defective Chinese Drywall

Some home builders, landlords, tenants, residential owners, and certain businesses may not be aware that there are existing laws on the books in Virginia that require disclosure for some kinds of drywall used in building construction.  Virginia statutes require certain parties to inform tenants or buyers about this type of drywall in a home or commercial space.

The term ‘defective Chinese drywall,’ cited in the laws, covers a type of drywall that was used for building in recent years when builders encountered a shortage of domestic drywall products. The consensus is that this product arrived in the U.S. market around 2001, and was heavily used throughout 2004 to 2007. Because this type of drywall disperses chemical elements such as hydrogen sulfide, it can lead to some kinds of health conditions.

Professionals who represent consumers, such as Virginia personal injury lawyerss, have kept up with legislation around defective drywall and other hazardous products in order to help clients related to the construction industry to understand their rights and responsibilities under the laws.

Effects of Defective Drywall

There are various notable effects of using this kind of Chinese drywall in a home or building. One is the emergence of a rotten egg or sulfur odor in the building. Chemicals put out by this type of drywall can also turn copper pipes and other structures black or sooty. The drywall ingredients can also have an effect on other items, like silver jewelry.

Those living in buildings where this defective drywall was used may encounter respiratory problems and sinus conditions, as well as headaches or worsening of existing asthma conditions. These kinds of health and safety issues are a big part of why home owners have turned to Virginia personal injury lawyers and other parties look so carefully at defective drywall cases.

A Housing Problem in the Southeast

Those who have analyzed the emergence of defective drywall cases know that they were most prolific in southern states like Florida and Louisiana. However, many of these cases were also brought in Virginia. That led to the 2011 passage of disclosure statutes as a way to mitigate the effect of defective Chinese drywall for residents.

Current or prospective homeowners have to be extremely careful with cases that involve defective products such as this one. Sellers of homes with drywall also need to be aware of their duties.  Discovery of defective drywall construction can jeopardize real estate deals and can harm relationships between landlords and tenants. Even some kinds of third party businesses can have liabilities related to defective drywall, for instance, in situations where plaintiffs claim that they were not told about the origin of these products when they were sold.

The current Virginia statutes about Chinese Drywall can be located at Virginia Code sections 55-225.11 (requiring notice by landlord to tenant of defective drywall); 55-248.12:2 (notices given by landlord to tenants of defective drywall), 55-519.2 (required disclosure by homeowner of defective drywall), and 58.1-3284.2 (addressing tax assessments of homes with Chinese drywall).

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