Can You Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs?

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Bed bug infestations have steadily been on the rise in the past few years, hitching a ride in travelers’ bags, clothing, and luggage. It is unfortunate that sleeping or traveling in areas that others have slept or been puts individuals at risk for itchy and painful bed bug bites and marks. The insecticide that is used to spray them after there has been an infestation can be pretty expensive, and oftentimes extremely ineffective. What is worse than this is that a guest at a hotel may accidentally and unknowingly bring home bed bugs. If you have come into contact with bed bugs while they were staying at a hotel, you may be wondering if there is anyway way for you sue for compensation. There is, but it depends on the state how your lawsuit will go. Only 22 states in the America and one territory have laws regarding the punishment of bed bugs in hotel rooms. California, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Ohio, Minnesota, West Virginia, and South Dakota all have laws that very specifically address what will happen if bed bugs are found in a hotel room. It is a violation in Alabama of state administrative code for any hotel to have uninhabitable conditions that allow insects to infest the rooms. The code even shows specific steps that each hotel must take to prevent this from happening. California law also requires that hotel bedding be changed between each guests arrival. It also requires that hotels ensure that the entire property is free of infestations or the hotel will incur a huge fine and penalties. A Milwaukee personal injury lawyer can help you sort through any questions you may have.

The average bed bug is the size of an apple seed and can live in chairs, beds, luggage, clothing, bedding, and couches. They have a brownish-red color and can also live inside of walls, allowing them to come and go from one room to the other. Because of this, they can go inside of hotel guests’ suitcases and clothing and then infect their households. Even though bed bug bites are typically just annoying, they can also be painful and can wake people from their sleep. They pose a serious health concern to humans because some of their bites may not appear for weeks. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that bites from a bed bug are able to be treated with antiseptic cream or lotion, as well as an antihistamine (to help with itching). They also can turn into a serious problem when the victim of the bites scratches them excessively, which can leave skin open to infection and allergic reaction.


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