Facts About Divorce & Steps to Take

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In America, more than half of marriages result in a divorce case and occur as often as around every thirty seconds. There are many factors that contribute to a divorce taking place and being decided by either one, or both parties. It would benefit many couples to get tips for maintaining their marriage before committing. However, this is unfortunately not always the case and a divorce will be settled based on one or many of the following reasons.

Not Communicating in a Healthy Way

A key component of a relationship and marriage is to learn how to communicate effectively with your significant other. When resentments build over time, style of communicating can become toxic or hurtful. Eventually, one or both spouses want out of the marriage due to withdrawing.

Getting Married Too Soon

During the fresh and excitable stage of the courting ritual, couples find themselves happy and fulfilled with their partner. When getting married too soon, it can prevent both people from fully getting to know the other and identifying flaws.


A very common reason for divorce is when one or both parties partake in infidelity acts. This can be physical or emotional cheating behavior.

Drug Abuse

Drug use and dependency is high among people, and addiction can lead to aggressive behavior and/or domestic violence. Over time, one spouse will get tired of being treated poorly and will refuse to tolerate their partner’s actions.

Not Being Romantic

Keeping passion alive and performing acts of romantic gestures may start to lessen over time, as the marriage goes on. Special acts or treatment may dwindle, along with the love initially felt at the beginning.

Money Problems

When you enter a marriage, you are agreeing to manage money together (unless you’ve signed a prenuptial agreement, which gives you some protection as an individual). Arguments over money decisions can be taxing and eventually lead to a split.

Lack of Autonomy

By getting swept up in a marriage, it isn’t uncommon for one or both people to lose a sense of their individualism while in love. It is important to maintaining some sense of self away from your partner in order to keep a healthy dynamic.

During the divorce proceedings and settlement discussions, one topic many couples do not attend to is how they plan to move their belongings. It is likely one or both parties will move from the home once shared together. It may be a great way to protect your assets by hiring a moving company to transport your items. You can both label what furniture, appliances, art and treasures are yours by putting a colored sticker or post-it on everything. Then, the moving company can identify where each item is going and you do not have to stress about finding help to move your things. Hiring long distance moving companies Philadelphia PA relies on can also help in preventing you from having to see your former spouse more than you need to.

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