The Difference Between an Open and Closed Brain Injury

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Every year, it is estimated more than a million people suffer a traumatic brain injury in the United States. Brain injuries can happen in any type of environment, particularly where a person can trip or fall and hit their head on a hard surface. Trauma to the neck or head area can result in brain bruising, tearing, swelling or bleeding. There are two main types of brain injuries: open or closed.

How Are Open and Closed Brain Injuries Defined?

  • An open brain injury means the skull is fractured and most often happens from falling down or when the head came into direct contact with a surface or object.
  • A closed brain injury does not include a fracturing of the skull, but can be more severe due to internal swelling and blood clotting.

Which is Considered the Serious of a Condition?

An open and closed brain injury can be equally serious and lead to paralysis, a loss of consciousness, or a fatality. Regardless of whether a brain injury is open or closed, immediate medical attention should be sought. Even if the injured person does not have any obvious physical symptoms, it is better to visit an emergency room than wait too long for treatment.

What are the Warning Signs of a Brain Injury?

A person can suffer a brain injury and still feel reasonably okay at first. It is not recommended to wait it out and see if symptoms worsen. The brain is one of our most vital sources of life and wellness. It is not worth the risk to hold off on medical treatment because you are fearful of the financial cost. After an injury to the brain, one or many of the below symptoms may be observed:

  • Weakness of the body
  • Numbness on one side of the body
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Feeling abnormally tired
  • Sluggishness
  • Confusion
  • Challenges remembering recent events

How Does Bruising, Bleeding, Tearing, and Swelling Occur?

Brain bruising happens most often as a result of a car collision, falling, or during a sports activity. Applied force can move the brain forward and backwards or side to side. Due to such an impact, some areas of the brain can suffer bruising and bleeding. The force can cause the brain tissue to tear. The brain remains intact but the nerve system can suffer damages. After suffering a traumatic brain injury event, swelling is the body’s natural response. However, the problem with this is the swelling area of the brain has no room to migrate or release pressure. Intracranial pressure can cause bodily functions to become impaired, and may lead to death.

Can Compensation Be Sought for a Brain Injury?

If you believe another party or person caused the brain injury accident, you can seek to hold them financially responsible for their negligence. Many people choose to consult with an experienced attorney, like a personal injury lawyer  trusts, about their rights and options. Most reliable law firms offer a free initial consultation of an injury claim for new clients

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