FAQ: Managing Your Case Following a Car Accident

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A car accident can leave a lasting physical and emotional impact on a person. If you have sustained damages in some form and believe the driver who hit you to be at fault, it may be time to contact an attorney.

When should I contact an attorney?

A car accident can be a rather unexpected event. Immediately following an accident you will want to be sure that you seek medical attention should you require it and contact the police. Once you have met your immediate needs, assess the events that took place and whether or not an attorney is warranted. If you are unsure whether you should contact an attorney, you may want to ask yourself the following:

  • Was I injured in the accident?
  • Did I require medical treatment?
  • Was the other driver at fault for the accident?
  • Did my injury result in damages of some kind?

If the answer is yes, it’s likely that contacting an attorney will be in your best interest.

Can I change attorneys if I am not satisfied with the one I am working with?

Unfortunately you may have hired an attorney that is no longer meeting your needs. An attorney can make or break your case, hiring the wrong one can have a devastating impact on you. Common reasons you may want to find another attorney include:

  • Your attorney never calls you back
  • They do not update you surrounding your case
  • They appear to be incompetent or lacking experience
  • You do not have a good relationship with them

You can change attorneys but first you may want to speak with your current attorney to address the problems that are coming up. If you have tried but to no avail, find a new attorney prior to firing your old one.

What information should I bring for my first meeting?

When you first meet with an attorney, you will want to make sure that you are prepared for your meeting. By compiling the following information an attorney can accurately review your case and help you determine the best course of action:

  • List of questions
  • Make sure that you are clear upon the attorney’s fees
  • Any evidence to support your claim
  • All medical bills or expenses from your accident

What evidence do I need to help my case?

Taking the time to gather the evidence to support your personal injury case is vital. If you are in need of assistance, your attorney may help you compile the evidence or enlist an investigator to gather evidence they may require. By beginning to gather evidence immediately following the accident, you can save yourself a lot of headache down the road. Some examples of evidence used in personal injury cases involving car accidents include:

  • Photos from the scene of the accident
  • Police Reports
  • Witness information
  • Your written account of the accident
  • Medical records from your injuries
  • Expenses or losses that resulted from the accident

How will I financially manage injuries that require long-term treatment?

Long term treatment following an injury may be unexpected. You may be wondering how you can account for future medical care in your personal injury claim or lawsuit. Fortunately, future medical expenses can be incorporating into the damages that you are requesting from the defendant. A personal injury attorney can review and determine the right amount of compensation for future medical expenses.

A personal injury attorney can advise you surrounding your case and may be able to help you attain the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation with an attorney to initiate the process.

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