Truck Driver Fatigue

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Truck accidents occur every day in the United States and can result in life-threatening injuries. One of the most common causes of these accidents is truck driver fatigue. If truck drivers are running on little sleep and still get behind the wheel, they may have trouble focusing on the road and get into an accident. If you were injured in a truck accident caused by a drowsy driver, you may be eligible for compensation.

Common Reasons Why Truck Drivers Are Fatigued

Driving Too Many Hours

The most obvious reason why truck drivers are so fatigued is because they spend too many hours driving on the road. Although federal regulations prohibit truck drivers from driving too many hours in a row, not all of them follow these rules. Being on the road for hours at a time can get physically and mentally exhausting and increase the risk of accidents.

Drug Use

Unfortunately, some drivers begin to take illegal drugs when the job becomes too stressful. They may be pressured to to make tight deadlines and might take certain drugs to stay awake longer. Stimulant drugs, like cocaine, can make it difficult for truck drivers to realize how tired they are. They might think they feel fine to drive, but they actually need to sleep.

Sleeping Pills

Truck drivers don’t have regular sleep schedules and may have trouble falling asleep sometimes. Some of them may take sleeping pills so that they can fall asleep faster. Unfortunately, many sleeping pills can make them feel drowsy hours after they have woken up. They may feel very tired when they drive if the sleeping pills are still in their systems. This can increase their risk of getting into a collision.

How Truck Drivers Can Combat Fatigue

There are several things truck drivers can do to get more sleep and feel less tired, such as:

Taking Naps When Tired

When truck drivers feel tired while behind the wheel, they should pull over to a safe spot and take about a 45-minute nap. It may throw off their schedule a little bit, but it’s better than getting into an accident. Once they wake up from the nap, they should feel more refreshed.

Avoiding Sleeping Pills

Although sleeping pills do make it easier to fall asleep, truck drivers should avoid taking them. As mentioned above, sleeping pills can make drivers feel drowsy hours after they’ve woken up.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet can be more difficult for truck drivers because they are on the road all the time. However, making an effort to eat better can help them feel more energized. They should try to eat lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and limit their intake of fatty and sugary foods.

Were You Hurt in a Truck Accident?

If you recently sustained injuries from a truck accident, you should contact a Fredericksburg, VA truck accident lawyer at MartinWren, P.C. right away. He or she may help you file a claim and increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

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