When Should I Utilize an Attorney for My Small Business?

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As a small business owner, you will likely need to be especially careful about your finances. This is especially true when you are in the initial phases of starting your own business. It can be costly to start your own company, which is why determining when and how you should access the services of an attorney will be so important. Attorney’s fees can add up. Take the time to consult with an attorney from the start to ensure that you have considered legalities around you business.

Business Litigation

It can be tough to know when you need to contact an attorney for business situations. There can be cost associated with an attorney. The reality is, the longer you wait to take action when faced with adversity, the worse off you could be. There are a multitude of problems you could face as a business owner. Failing to act quickly may result in taking a significant financial hit.

An Attorney to Start Your Own Business

Although it’s not always necessary that you utilize an attorney for every aspect of your business, you may want to consult with them on occasion. They can help look over business documents or advise you surrounding your business. Sometimes, this can be a more cost effective way of having the experience and knowledge base that a legal professional has to offer. The following are ways that an attorney may be helpful:

  • Determining the type of business you should become based upon your situation. This is especially helpful when figuring out how much you will have to pay in taxes.
  • Drafting agreements amongst partners by outlining responsibilities and financial obligations.
  • They can advise you surrounding your taxes and what you can expect
  • Help you draw agreements with your partner surrounding how profits will be shared.
  • Manage and negotiate complications that arise from buying a business that has problems.
  • Handle complaints against you and your business from employees or former employees.

Some things you may be able to manage without an attorney, include:

  • Choosing a name for your business
  • Obtaining employees and ensuring that they complete the proper hiring documents
  • Researching the online presence your business will have, especially if you decide to create your own website
  • Applying for your business identification number

Although you may not require an attorney for every aspect of your business, identifying a firm that you can call with questions or consult with on a regular basis can pay off in the long run.

Common Legal Problems You May Face

At some point during the span of owning your own business, you may be faced with legal situations that can cause a real headache. Some situations may require the need for a business attorney who can represent you in legal entanglements you may be experiencing:

  • Claims of Harassment or Discrimination
  • Workers’ Compensation Situations
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Intellectual Property problems
  • Tax Issues
  • Contract Issues

Facing legal problems such as lawsuits or claims of harassment can take a significant toll on a business and its’ successes. Unfortunately, without the proper legal guidance, both you and your business could suffer immensely.

Without the legal protection of an attorney, as a business owner, you may be vulnerable when faced with legal problems. When complications arise, you will want to make sure that you have a legal professional whom you can consult with.

Contact an attorney for the advice and support you require ensuring that you legally have your bases covered.

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