Will Creation: Creating a Will on Your Own versus an Attorney’s Services

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There are a number of reasons for people to drag their feet when it comes to creating a will. However, taking the time to put a will is a key personal business matter that must be tended to. Not only might it help ensure that your final wishes are carried out in the manner you would have liked, it can make the process of resolving your estate go smoothly. Determining whether to acquire an attorney’s services or make attempts to develop a will on your own can be a difficult one. Often people hesitate in creating a will due to the cost associated with having an attorney draw one up. Is creating your will on your own or with an online tool really effective? Here are the pros and cons to each option:

Attorney Services

An attorney can help navigate a variety of situations. Whether you write a will on your own or not, nothing can give you peace of mind like the experience and knowledge of an attorney. The following are considerations when determining if an attorney’s assistance is in your best interest:

The Benefits

  • A professional who is knowledgeable of state laws and can make sure that your will is legally valid.
  • Help in managing complicated estates
  • They can make sure that nothing is left out.
  • They can save you money in the long run.
  • Your will can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Drawbacks

  • It is more costly than creating a will on your own.
  • You will have to schedule time to meet with an attorney.

Not only might an attorney be able to advise you regarding the best strategic way to create your will, they can also help manage situations that are more complicated. It’s key to use an attorney if you have a larger estate, plan to disinherit a spouse, or are concerned someone will contest the will. An attorney can help to make sure that your will is legally valid  and in accordance with state laws.

On Your Own

There are a number of options available when it comes to creating a will on your own. Most people choose to utilize an online tool to help in creating a will. Most online software can help people through each step of creating a will. When mulling over this option, you will want to take the following into consideration:

The Benefits

  • Creating a will online can be an inexpensive option for outlining your final wishes. In some cases it can cost as little as $50.
  • You can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. This can seem efficient as you can collect the relevant documentation for immediate use rather than bringing it to an attorney.
  • You can create your will in your own time.

The Drawbacks

  • You wouldn’t know whether the will is valid. Some creat wills online only to find that they are invalidated. This could cause costly complications for your family later on.
  • Will creation sites may not take into consideration the laws in your state.
  • Creating a will on your own will not give you the most cost effective option for saving money on taxes.
  • A will created on your own may not include situations that are more complex.

Although creating your own will can be a lot less expensive, most people do not have knowledge of the basic laws surrounding will creation in their state. Each state has different variations to the laws surrounding this area of practice. There are a number of benefits to creating your own will. Despite this, if you have a complicated situation, you may want to consider talking to an attorney.

Carefully reviewing your options is important when determining whether you should access a will lawyer Roseville, CA trusts for their help in will creation. Regardless of the forum you choose to use in creating a will, it’s important to have a will in place. This can prevent complications for loved ones down the road.



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