Foggy Roads and Accidents Between Passenger Cars and Semi-Trucks

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Car vs. truck collisions are often catastrophic; our truck accident lawyer at MartinWren represents victims of such calamities. Whether you suffered a serious injury or you lost a loved one to the actions of a negligent trucker, contact us. We have a successful record of securing the maximum settlements possible for injured victims. Our truck accident lawyer will fight aggressively to protect your right to fair compensation. Call us today. We offer accident victims and their families a complimentary consultation to discuss the details of your case.

The Facts

Many drivers do not realize how dangerous it can be to drive in foggy conditions. In fact, the Federal Highway Administration determined that between 2002 and 2012, nearly 1.3 million collisions occurred annually due to weather related factors. In fact, slick pavement or weather were to blame for nearly 23% of all vehicle collisions. If you were hit by a truck when weather was a factor, your truck accident lawyer from MartinWren might determine that the trucker was negligent and reckless by not driving for the conditions. By proving their liability, you stand to receive a large settlement for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other related damages.

The Dangers of Foggy Conditions

Driving in foggy conditions can be dangerous, and for several reasons. Foggy roads and accidents between passenger cars and semi-trucks are far more likely for these reasons:

  •         Visibility is severely impaired. On the same road, the fog can thicken demonstrably and without warning. Even fog that is not that thick can make it difficult to see the road, other vehicles, pedestrians, or wildlife. If a trucker is not paying attention, or has not slowed their vehicle, they may come up behind you unexpectedly and rear end your passenger vehicle. Our truck accident lawyer is also aware of cases in which a trucker crossed into oncoming traffic lanes because they were driving too fast for fog conditions. If the road curves, it can be impossible for them to make adjustments in time.
  •         Fog can be accompanied by wet road conditions. Fog develops when the dew point rises to within a few degrees of the air temperature. The dew point is the temperature at which the air reaches 100% saturation. When the saturated air condenses into water droplets, that’s when fog occurs. And this is why the road surface can be wet, and thus slippery. Wet road conditions can cause a vehicle to slide and a trucker to lose control of their truck. This is another reason why drivers should slow down in fog. When our truck accident lawyer takes a case, he may determine how the trucker should have operated their vehicle under the conditions that existed at the time of the collision.

Weight-to-Speed Ratio

Another aspect of accidents between passenger cars and semis on foggy roads is the issue of weight-to-speed. A semi can weight tens of thousands of pounds, more if fully loaded with cargo. A passenger vehicle weighs little by comparison. When a semi collides with a passenger vehicle, the weight-to-speed ratio is very high. This means that the force of the semi colliding with the car will be such that the car is likely to be totaled. Anyone inside the car is at high risk for suffering a catastrophic, if not fatal, injury. The more costly the damages, the higher the probability that the trucking company’s insurance carrier will refuse to pay a fair settlement. That’s where MartinWren comes in. Our truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve—contact us today to learn more.

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