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By working with a skillful  bankruptcy lawyer in Harrisonburg, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the various debt relief options available and develop a strategy tailored to your needs. Once you’ve determined how to proceed, a lawyer at MartinWren, P.C can draft the necessary documents, represent you before the court and handle negotiations with creditors.

Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Questions you might wish to ask when you meet with a local bankruptcy lawyer include:

  •     What type of bankruptcy best suits my needs?
  •     Who will be preparing the filing?
  •     How long will the process take?
  •     Do I have to go to court or meetings with creditors?
  •     What attorney’s fees will I have to pay?
  •     Are there other debt relief options besides bankruptcy?

Meeting with an experienced attorney can be the first step to overcoming your debt problem.

How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Harrisonburg Help?

Before you jump to conclusions about the bankruptcy process, you should consult with experienced and skilled bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your financial situation. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you navigate the complicated maze of filing for bankruptcy, or even if it is even the right choice for your financial situation.

 MartinWren, P.C office specializes in bankruptcy cases. Your financial relief is of top priority, so you can spend less time worrying and more time doing what you love.

Harrisonburg bankruptcy lawyers have a wealth of in-court experience and are experts in bankruptcy law. We can help you:

  •     Make sure bankruptcy is the right option for you
  •     File all the necessary paperwork
  •     Gather the financial information and documentation
  •     Create a debt payback plan
  •     Schedule your financial management courses
  •     Defend you in court

 Why File For Bankruptcy?

People wind up filing for bankruptcy for many reasons, often involving outside forces or unforeseen expenses: Medical debt and unexpected health care costs can quickly spiral out of control, credit card debt can accrue due to business expenses or needing to use a credit card during periods of unemployment and low cash flow, investments in the stock market, real estate or other financial vehicles might suffer due to a financial crisis, or a supply chain shutdown can cause debt to cascade in times of pandemic (such as the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak) or due to oil price fluctuations. In any of these situations, a Harrisonburg bankruptcy lawyer can help you find the best course of action.

What Are My Options?

Several types of bankruptcy are available under the law, including:

  •     Chapter 7 — This type of bankruptcy gives struggling filers the ability to discharge their non-exempt debts, such as medical bills.
  •     Chapter 11 — Businesses filing under Chapter 11 can remain in operation while working to restructure their debt and streamline their expenses.
  •     Chapter 12 — Family farmers and fishers are eligible for this bankruptcy program, which accounts for the cyclical nature of their revenues.
  •     Chapter 13 — If you’re earning income but lack the resources to satisfy debt obligations, a qualified attorney can outline a repayment plan that fits your budget.

Bankruptcy stops collection actions and gives you a chance to find the best way forward.

Take Action and get Representation

If you’re experiencing severe financial difficulties, bankruptcy can provide a path to debt relief and help you get a fresh start. Whether you are just starting to consider bankruptcy or have already filed, getting a bankruptcy lawyer in Harrisonburg involved can help you maximize the benefits afforded to you by the United States Bankruptcy Code. Contact MartinWren, P.C today for a consultation and determine your best way forward.


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