Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charlottesville VA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charlottesville VA

When you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may consider meeting with a Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer for advice on how to seek compensation from the driver at-fault for motorcycle repairs, medical bills, and more. Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be painful, terrifying, and cause the victim to suffer financial devastation. It is highly recommended that any motorcyclist who has been hit by a car driver calls 911 right away. Even if the rider feels okay after impact, medical attention may be needed. Road hazards can be deadly for motorcyclists, so if you’ve been injured in this way, a motorcycle accident lawyer Charlottesville, VA bikers turn to for justice could help you collect compensatory damages. The MartinWren, P.C., Attorneys At Law offers a team of personal injury attorneys who help fight on behalf of our clients to win the highest possible settlements and collect maximum benefits.

If you are a motorcycle rider who was injured in an accident at no fault of your own, do not hesitate to contact us at MartinWren, P.C., Attorneys At Law. Our legal team can meet with you in person to review your case and develop a legal strategy best suited for your accident claim.

The following information about common road hazards that motorcyclists often encounter may be helpful to consider:

The Dangers of Road Hazards for Motorcyclists

Road hazards that are commonplace and not necessarily dangerous for those who drive trucks or cars may be disastrous for motorcyclists. Road hazards could cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike, whereas a four-wheeled vehicle may be able to safely drive over or around the obstacle. Bikers should avoid the following hazards whenever possible:

  • Uneven Pavement. Roads with large cracks, potholes, and mixed surfaces might cause a rider to suddenly lose control of their bike. Additionally, when focusing on navigating poorly surfaced roads, the rider may lose awareness of other hazards such as vehicles running through lights or jaywalking pedestrians. If the government entity responsible for the road’s maintenance was made aware of the offending hazard but did not address it, they may be held at least partially responsible for any resulting accidents. A motorcycle accident lawyer Charlottesville, VA riders turn to for legal assistance could help determine who is liable for causing your personal injury.
  • Road Debris. It can come down to a split-second choice: risk running over debris that may cause you to lose control of your bike, or try to avoid it and risk losing control of your bike. Whether the debris consists of objects lost by other vehicles, roadkill, or trash, it may well be deadly for motorcyclists. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA bikers turn to could help determine who is responsible for hazardous road debris.
  • Wildlife, Roadkill, and Pets. Generally speaking, larger hazards are more dangerous than smaller hazards. However, in trying to avoid hitting someone’s small pet running across the road, a motorcyclist could easily crash. The average Charlottesville, VA motorcycle accident lawyer is likely aware of how vulnerable a biker can be even when driving at relatively slow speeds.
  • Slick Pavement. Motorcyclists have to be just as vigilant as auto drivers when it comes to icy, snowy, or wet roads, but they also have to be mindful of oil spills, sand or gravel, leaves, and sometimes painted surfaces. A motorcycle accident lawyer Charlottesville, VA residents respect may investigate the scene to determine the exact cause or causes of the accident.
  • Standing Water. Any vehicle could hydroplane in less than an inch of standing water, but the water may be concealing an even greater hazard: a large and deadly pothole. Unfortunately, this road hazard is quite commonplace. A motorcycle accident lawyer Charlottesville, VA victims trust may be able to prove that the agency responsible for maintaining that portion of the road was negligent in addressing what they knew was a dangerous hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

Here we have listed some of the more prevalent questions victims of motorcycle accidents may have for their motorcycle accident lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Do I have to hire an attorney for my motorcycle accident?

It is not required that you obtain legal representation regarding your motorcycle wreck, but it is encouraged that you do so. Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly complex, and many riders do not realize they may be entitled to significant compensation for the accident. An attorney from MartinWren, P.C., Attorneys At Law can provide insight and answer questions as you pursue a lawsuit against the driver who hit you.

What sort of proof may be important for my case?

The more evidence you have related to damages, financial loss, and injuries, the stronger your case’s foundation can be. Influential pieces of evidence for your lawsuit can include receipts for medical bills, hospitalization records, motorcycle repair estimates, photographs of the scene, witness statements, police report, and anything else related to the incident.

Is it possible to negotiate for more money regarding the motorcycle accident?

An insurance company is there to help you rebound after an accident. However, the at-fault driver’s insurance may be motivated to low-ball your offer in order to save the company money. Many victims of motorcycle accidents may not be aware of their right to ask for more money. Most riders may just accept the first offer due to wanting to get the process over with as quickly as possible. By accepting a low initial offer, a motorcycle victim may have to pay out of their own pocket down the line for care related to the accident injuries.

How much can I be awarded in a motorcycle accident lawsuit?

The amount a motorcyclist may receive in compensation when filing a lawsuit depends on the severity of the accident and how much financial hardship was endured. A motorcycle crash claim may be worth several thousand or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can help strengthen your case to have an Charlottesville motorcycle accident attorney fight for your behalf.

What details should I gather from the car driver?

Just as with any other type of vehicle accident, there are certain details that you should exchange with the other driver. For example, it is important to gather the person’s full name, license plate number, address, phone number, driver’s license number, vehicle make/model/year, and insurance policy number. If the motorcyclist needed to be rushed to the hospital due to serious injuries, the officer at the scene is likely to include this information in the official police report.

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