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Understanding Product Liability

Every day you will use products at your home, your work, and while out and about. A product can include the food you eat, dishware you cook in, charger you use for a phone, an electronic device, your car, a tool, and so forth. When any of these products are not designed right, there is a risk that they will cause you harm. If you are injured because of a dangerous or defective product you may have the legal right to seek compensation. This is generally known as a product liability claim.

A general law firm, or jack of all trades type lawyer, may not be suited to a product liability claim. These types of claims are notoriously complex and often require extensive research, time, and diligence to reach successful results. It is highly recommended to retain an experienced product liability lawyer in Charlottesville VA as soon as possible.

Different Types of Product Defects

There is a broad range of ways that a product can be deemed as being dangerous or defective. The following are three overarching types of product defects that a product liability lawyer Charlottesville VA offers may be most familiar with:
Manufacturing Defect: When a product is not created or assembled in accordance with the design and causes the product to be unsafe when used as intended, a manufacturing defect might be to blame. This can be difficult to prove, but not impossible when you have a good product liability lawyer Charlottesville VA recommends on your side.

  • Failure to Warn – Many products come with warning labels that note a possible risk of harm when used intended or when used in a foreseeable unintended way. If a product fails to include important warnings to users, and you are injured, there may be a chance to file a product liability claim.
  • Design Defect – When a product liability lawyer Charlottesville VA trusts suspects a product has been defectively designed, he or she must be able to prove that was inherently dangerous from the very point of manufacturing. In these types of claims, multiple plaintiffs are often involved as may be a class action lawsuit.

A product may include one type of defect or more. For example, a product might have been manufactured wrong but also failed to include the right warnings. This phase of a claim can be an intricate, lengthy process that requires investigations and expert witnesses. It will be in your best interest to get started as soon as possible.

The Most Common Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims can take the form of all shapes, sizes, and complexities. In fact, any product, even those that have been on the market for decades, can be manufactured incorrectly, designed wrong, or be sold without warnings. The following are the most common products that a respected product liability lawyer Charlottesville VA residents trust may be familiar with:

  • Vehicles;
  • Joint replacement parts (i.e. hip replacement);
  • Medical devices;
  • Medications;
  • Machinery;
  • Children’s toys; and
  • Household products.

If you have been injured by a product, a lawyer may help you to seek damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, physical limitations, disability, pain, suffering, emotional anguish, and more. It might also be possible to seek punitive damages which are intended to punish the negligent party. Punitive damages are rare, but they could be an option.

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