Should I Talk to a Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer?

Should I Talk to a Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer?
Should I Talk to a Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer?

Truck accidents can often result in severe, even life-threatening injuries. Accidents can happen easily: a truck driver may take a turn too sharply on a wet road or they may pick up the phone when a friend calls them during a long trip. While these may seem innocent enough, there is never an excuse to cause an accident and injure others on the road. At Martin Wren, P.C., we strongly believe that those who have been injured by truck accidents deserve to get compensation for the injuries they are suffering from. If you have been injured, reach out to our team now. 

When should you look for a truck accident attorney?

Our Virginia truck accident lawyer knows that for most people, hiring a lawyer is not something they typically do. If possible, most people would probably like to get through life without requiring the help (or the expenses) of an attorney. This is completely understandable. However, many people do not realize that without the help of an attorney, they could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table that they have every right to receive. To help determine when you should begin working with an attorney, you may want to answer these questions:

  • Was the accident recent? Every state has laws regarding the statute of limitations. Hiring a Virginia truck accident lawyer sooner rather than later could allow you a better chance at recovering full compensation. 
  • Have you already started talking with the insurance company? You may think you can handle the truck driver’s insurance company. After all, a big truck ran into you and caused you to become injured. However, the insurance agents will be all too happy to twist what you say and try to push some of the fault on you. At this stage, it is best to have an attorney. 
  • What kinds of injuries do you have? Minor injuries may not mean you even need to take the truck driver to court. After all, if you only have bruises and you can go to work the next day, you are not dealing with losses. However, when you begin to accrue lost wages, have high medical bills, and have property damage, that is when you will want to bring a lawyer in. 

If you are able to ask yourself these questions and believe that you will have a better opportunity of success with an attorney, it is time to reach out to Martin Wren, P.C. Our Virginia truck accident lawyers care about helping you through the process of getting the compensation you deserve; call us today to schedule your appointment. 

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