Exploring Runaway Car Crashes

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Car Crashes Into School

A Charlottesville car crash in December illustrates how dangerous it can be when those in control of motor vehicles crash into public buildings. Local affiliate NBC 29 reported December 12 on a crash that happened December 5, where a Subaru car crashed into the brick wall of a classroom at Broadus Wood Elementary School on Buck Mountain road, north of downtown Charlottesville. The driver faces three misdemeanor charges.

In this particular incident, no one was hurt. Class was not in session at the time of the accident. However, had this scene been busy at the time of the accident, the results could have been a lot different. Sadly, this incident is not unique: different kinds of factors including inattention to vehicle systems, age or dementia, vehicle defects, defective automotive components, or even distracted driving can lead to cases where drivers run a vehicle right into a wall of a building in a busy public space.

Exploring Runaway Car Crashes

In some of these kinds of cases, when drivers crash into empty buildings, they may face charges including an ‘unattended property charge.’ If they do not take steps to report their actions, they may face a ‘hit and run’ unattended property charge. These and similar charges address damage to property, but they don’t really address the threats to public health and safety that are caused when vehicles leave the roadway. Virginia personal injury lawyers know how to sort out these charges and what they mean when doing the necessary fact-finding around an accident that has unfortunately caused personal injury to bystanders.

In most cases, in order to slam into a building, the vehicle has to be substantially off of its proper course. Except in cases of poor planning, very limited setbacks, or defects with the automobile, a vehicle does not get close to a building if it is being operated properly. Accidents involving buildings are some of the most egregious kinds of motor vehicle accidents, and pose some of the biggest dangers for pedestrians and building occupants. Professionals such as Virginia personal injury lawyers or law-enforcement officers may have experience with cases where a vehicle came off of a roadway into an adjacent public space, and caused serious injury.

Oftentimes vehicles may malfunction due to defects in the vehicle.  Such automotive defects could include defective steering, sudden acceleration issues, defective brakes, or other malfunctioning equipment.  Situations and injuries caused by these types of dangerous conditions should by examined by Virginia defective product lawyers.

In these kinds of very extreme situations and heavily charged legal scenarios, it makes sense to consult Virginia personal injury lawyers to make sure that the case is fairly resolved. Legal teams looking at auto accidents make sure that each party involved in the accident is treated fairly, and that the eventual outcome involves fair compensation for personal injury if someone is hurt. That includes having an experienced attorney look at lost wages and other aspects of an injury, and the pain and suffering that can occur along with injury and recovery.

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