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When you have painstakingly poured over an invention, the last thing you want is for someone else to benefit from it without your permission. The patent process is a way for inventors to safeguard their inventions. However, the patent application process can be complicated, especially without the help of a patent lawyer. Working with a patent lawyer can assist people pursuing a patent in making sure that they are able to retain a patent so that they may obtain legal control of their invention. Avoid these common mistakes with the help of a patent lawyer:

Not Doing Your Research

Do you have an invention you would like to patent? Before going any further, you must conduct a patent search to make sure that no one else has already patented the product you have worked so hard to create. The last thing you want is to discover this after you have already completed the patent application. Work with a patent lawyer to conduct a patent search to make sure that you are not enduring a process that is all for not.

Making Assumptions

When putting together your patent application, it’s important that you are as detailed as possible. Never make an assumption that someone knows what you are talking about. You cannot assume that the reader of your patent application has even a basic understanding of what you are talking about. Overgeneralizing your invention or leaving out key details can be risky. Be as detailed as possible, leaving nothing to the imagination. It may even be helpful to include a few examples of how your inventions may be used. In order to maximize the probability that your patent will be approved, you will need to make sure that you cover all your bases by explicitly outlining your invention.

Not Providing Enough Detail

When completing a patent application, it can be scary to disclose the secrets behind your invention. The last thing you want is for someone to be able to take your idea for their own financial gain. This often comes into play in cases surrounding patent infringement. Should you fail to explicitly outline key and even minute details to your invention, it may not withstand the court process should someone take your idea. To avoid this, make sure that your description is painfully explicit. A patent lawyer can help you when enduring this process to make sure that you have clearly outlined your invention in the patent application.

Dismissing Key Deadlines

Deadlines are crucial when safeguarding your invention with a patent. It’s important that you carefully adhere to deadlines in order to ensure that you do not lose the patent that you may be eligible for. Failure to do so could result in your inability to obtain legal control over your patent. A patent lawyer can prove helpful in this aspect as they can help make sure that you adhere with patent deadlines. It’s important to note, that once you have made any public disclosure of your invention, you have one year to file the patent application. By not following this timeframe, you risk someone else obtaining control of your product for their own gain.

Have you created something that you would like protected? Avoid making costly mistakes along the way with the help of a patent lawyer

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