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Oftentimes people in a rear end accident believe it is not serious, but you can suffer life altering injuries or death from these crashes, even if you’re just a passenger in a car. Oftentimes if you’re thinking about a rear end accident you are thinking about fender bender which causes minor dents. But that’s your best case scenario, and in reality rear end accidents are very dangerous accidents because not only do they cause multi car collisions but they can cause severe injuries.

Oftentimes people are going to think that rear end collisions are very easy to get up and walk away from but this is not true. When you are T-boned, the point of impact is as far from the driver as possible, but rear end collisions are often caused devastatingly high-speed. Because of the speed, one of the cars shoved forward, often striking another vehicle and putting the driver at immediate risk. One rear end accident can cause a chain reaction of rear end accidents which puts various drivers on various cars at risk. If one force of impact was hard and often a chain reaction occurs which leads to various people being injured, this is especially true if the front car was stopped at an intersection because the rear end collision may send you rolling a heavy traffic and this could cause T-boned accidents.

However, outside of these two possibilities rearing accidents do not activate the airbag in the street, the steering column with a lot of force, this is a new safety feature in many cars. Airbags were only popping open when the front of the car collided with something. This means that the force of a rear end collision could still cause you to hurt yourself even though your airbag does not protect you.

But even if you are not in the worst case scenario and a rear end accident, you can have serious injuries, this is especially true if the airbag failed to deploy. High speed and therefore high force collisions send a great deal of energy throughout the body in the car, and while the car will eventually stop the human body has a finite amount of force that it can take. This means that with too much pressure or energy applied to the body, very serious injuries can occur such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, crash injuries, soft tissue damage and broken bones.

You should reach out to a car accident lawyer, such as the ones available at Seber Bulger if you experience a serious rain collision and are having trouble filing a case. A good car accident lawyer is going to be able to help you determine who is liable, who is at fault and how much compensation your case is going to be for.

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