Virginia Sexual Assault Attorneys

Virginia Sexual Assault Attorneys

Virginia Sexual Assault Attorneys

The Virginia sexual assault attorneys from MartinWren, P.C. understand that few events can be as demeaning and damaging to someone as a sexual assault. Not only do sexual attacks create physical harm and injuries, they cause lasting emotional and psychological scars that may take a lifetime to heal.  This is especially true for violent sexual assaults, including rape.

The legal issues surrounding a sexual assault can be complex, as the victim of the abuse may be involved in criminal proceedings against the perpetrator of the sexual assault.  In addition to criminal proceedings, the victim may pursue a civil suit for damages arising from the sexual assault.

Most sexual assault claims that form the basis of a lawsuit are based on claims occurring in nursing home or other assisted care facilities, in the college or university campuses or fraternity houses, or in the workplace or employment settings.

The first type of claims involves sexual assaults in nursing homes or other residential facilities.  For these claims, both the offender and the facility may be liable for these particularly heinous types of sexual assaults.  These claims typically involve unwanted sexual assaults caused by nurses, healthcare workers, or other employees in the facilities that harm the individuals they are responsible for protecting.

The second type of claims involves sexual assaults on college campuses, and the statistics regarding sexual assaults for college-aged women are alarming.  According to statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 19% of women – nearly one of every five – reported experiencing either sexual assault or attempted sexual assault while in college.  Additionally, the National Institute of Justice reports that a college with 10,000 students is likely to experience 350 rapes per year.

The third type of sexual assaults claims in the civil context commonly occurs in the workplace at the hands of employers, managers, bosses, fellow employees, or even customers. Although workplace injuries caused by employers or other employees are normally exclusively covered by Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation Act, Virginia law allows employees who are the victims of workplace sexual assaults to proceed with a lawsuit directly against their employer, fellow employees, or other parties who caused a sexual assault.

Proceeding with civil claims for sexual assault can be complicated, and there are many components of such claims to be aware of.  The injuries caused by a sexual assault can be complex and deep. In addition to the obvious physical injuries that can result from an unconsented sexual assault, there can also be deep seeded emotional and psychological injuries that take a lifetime to heal.

Additionally, depending on the identity of the party causing the sexual assault, there may be claims against the perpetrator, the property or business owner, the fraternity, or the employer that caused injuries from a sexual assault.  It is also important to adequately assess the value of these cases, as juries are oftentimes willing to grant large verdicts against perpetrators of sexual assault.

To pursue a civil claim for damages for a sexual assault that you or a loved one suffered, please contact our Virginia sexual assault attorneys, either John B. Simpson or Kirk D. Becchi.  MartinWren, P.C.’s Virginia sexual assault attorneys are experienced in handling sexual assault claims, and we offer confidential, free and compassionate consultations for individuals who are considering bringing a civil claim for sexual assault.

You will not owe any legal fees unless we recover money for you.

Sexual Assault and Non-Disclosure Agreements

As the subject of sexual abuse and harassment has become a focal point of the American consciousness, there are many people who wonder why so many victims have kept quiet and not come forward to expose their abusers and reveal details about the assaults and harassments they suffered. Many victims who have come forward have shared that they were often fearful of the repercussions or they were embarrassed by what happened, sometimes blaming themselves instead of the perpetrator and those that help cover up.

One of the many items of troubling information that has emerged is the widespread use of forcing victims to keep quiet with the use of non-disclosure agreements. If you were a victim of sexual assault and signed one of these documents, contact the Virginia sexual assault attorneys from MartinWren, P.C. today.

How Do Non-Disclosure Agreements Work in Sexual Assault Cases?

Many employers require their employees to sign non-disclosure agreements, as do many businesses who work with contractors and freelancers. The point of these agreements is to protect proprietary information should the relationship cease to exist.

However, as  Virginia sexual assault attorneys know, these agreements can also be used to cover up incidents of abuse and harassment, with the threat of severe financial consequences should the victim who signs the agreement come forward and expose the crime committed upon them.

Many victims are forced to sign these agreements in order to receive any financial settlement with the party who sexually assaulted them. This agreement prohibits the victim from sharing their stories in order to warn people and prevent the offender from harming other people.

In a “normal” non-disclosure agreement, failing to abide by the confidentiality clause in the agreement can end up costing the person who signed the agreement the amount they received in the settlement, as well as opens the door for the other party to file a lawsuit for breach of contract and cost much more in damages than just the settlement amount.

The same legal threat looms over victims who violate a non-disclosure agreement, however, there is little case law that addresses whether or not victims of sexual assault and abuse can be legally silenced by their abusers this way. This is why many victims have come forward, feeling safe enough to finally have their voices heard and expose their abusers.

Contact Virginia Sexual Assault Attorneys Today

If you were a victim of a sexual assault or abuse and would like to pursue legal action against the party who abused you, contact one of the dedicated  Virginia sexual assault attorneys from MartinWren, P.C. Our legal team has extensive experience and legal knowledge in this area of injury law. Our compassionate sexual assault attorneys know how overwhelming these types of cases are for victims. We have worked with many victims and understand that the emotional injuries victims suffer in these attacks are just as devastating as the physical ones.  

We will advocate aggressively to ensure you receive the justice you deserve against your abuser, as well as obtain the damages you are entitled to for the losses you have suffered. Call our firm today to arrange a free and confidential consultation with one of our  Virginia sexual assault attorneys and find out how we can get you the justice you deserve.


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