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The Virginia Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers of MartinWren, P.C. can handle injury cases in which the injury victim suffered spine injuries, disc herniation and bulging disks, spinal cord injuries (SCI), and other similar back injuries due to the negligence of another individual or business.

Spinal cord injuries are devastating neurological injuries for a number of reasons. First, the injuries can be severe.  Based on the part of the spinal cord injured (the thoracic, lumbar, or cervical portion of the spine), the resulting nerve damage can cause paraplegia, quadriplegia, tetraplegia, hemiplegia, or paraparesis to result, each of which may place permanent life-altering restrictions on the victim’s mobility and ability to perform major activities of living. Because of that, the injured party’s home or apartment often needs to be retrofitted to accommodate their new disabilities.

Second, spinal cord injuries are oftentimes permanent.  When such permanent injuries occur, not only will the injured party be affected, but that party’s family will also have to learn to live with these injuries. Houses may need to be retrofitted or renovated to meet the demands of a changed life; new equipment may be necessary to allow mobility; years of rehabilitation may be required to try to improve living conditions. These types of injuries cause lives to change forever, and the path to even a limited recovery is a painful and difficult one.

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) may result from a number of causes, but the most common cause is serious automobile and truck accidents. SCI may also result from violent attacks, construction accidents, sports-related injuries, and from falls. Altogether, approximately 12,000 people in America suffer injuries to their spinal cords every year, most of whom are male and under the age of thirty. Following hospitalization after their initial medical treatment, most of these SCI patients are released to their home where they must learn to live with their new injuries.

In addition to spinal cord injuries, a number of other spine-related injuries can have life altering impacts.  Bulging disks, herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, spondylolysis, even whiplash injuries often occur after car accidents and falls and cause enormous problems. It is vital that proper medical care be obtained to minimize the impacts of the injuries and to promote recovery.

It may be the case that spine injuries can be surgically treated, which may allow the injured party to suffer less pain and discomfort, have increased mobility, and provide a return to a pre-injury condition.  Surgical procedures such as disc fusion, discectomy, lumbar fusion, artificial disc replacement, laser spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, laminotomy, spinal stabilization, and spinal column reconstruction may provide relief from the pain associated with back injuries.

Because of the enormous disruption to life a partial or total spinal cord injury causes, the financial award and compensatory damages for an injured party may be significant. This is because the law seeks to make an injury victim whole, which means that the victim should receive compensation for their medical bills, and for the substantial future care, inconvenience, and future medical expenses for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and other medical treatments. Parties with SCI may also receive lost wages, lost future earnings, and lost earning capacity depending on how the accident impacts the party’s occupation and wages.  In addition, injured parties are allowed to seek compensation for emotional distress, past and future inconvenience, pain and suffering, disfigurement, embarrassment, and loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium.

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