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What to do if You are Charged with a DUI?

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Being charged with a DUI is not something that anyone wants to contend with. It can leave you feeling shameful, as DUIs are often frowned upon by society. An attorney experienced with DUI representation will be a vital part in reducing the charge. People often wonder what exactly is the process of a DUI once you are pulled over, it can seem overwhelming when considering what the road ahead may be.

What Constitutes as a DUI?

When someone is charged with driving under the influence, it is because they have been drinking and driving. The first initial offense often is only considered a misdemeanor. If a person has received multiple DUIs, it is highly likely that they will be charged with a felony for their actions. A DUI occurs when someone has consumed alcohol and has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit. Years ago, BAC varied by state. In 2000, all states streamlined to the same BAC across the country.

When a minor is pulled over for drinking and driving a zero tolerance policy is strictly enforced. This means that any amount of alcohol in the system of a minor operating a vehicle could receive a DUI charge.

Contact an Attorney

Quite possibly one of the most important first steps to take if you have been charged with a DUI is to contact an attorney. Depending on the situation, an attorney can be proven invaluable for a number of reasons. An attorney will provide legal counsel regarding how best to proceed and whether or not you should plead guilty. This is highly contingent upon the severity of the case. It is strongly encouraged that a person, who has received their second DUI, contact an attorney for legal representation.

Potential Repercussions of a DUI

When the DUI is a first offense, the repercussions are often pretty standard. The following consequences may occur if convicted of a DUI:

  • Insurance rates may increase
  • Loss of license for a period of time
  • Jail Time (if this is not your first offense)
  • Probation
  • Take a course on drinking and driving

Having an idea of the actions that should be taken if you have been charged with a DUI is the first step to putting the whole event behind you. Facing a DUI can be time consuming, expensive, and can come with its fair share of stress. Accessing a criminal defense attorney  such as the DUI lawyer Peoria IL locals turn to that can help you with the legal process can ensure that you are represented and your interests are protected.


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