Charlottesville VA Auto Accident Lawyers

Charlottesville VA Auto Accident Lawyers

Charlottesville VA Auto Accident LawyersIf you are facing physical, emotional and/or financial damages due to a car accident, you may want to consider seeking a car accident attorney from MartinWren, P.C. to represent your case. Car accidents can be scary, and the process after an accident occurs can become tedious and complicated very quickly. At MartinWren, P.C., have sought to protect the rights of our Charlottesville VA neighbors since opening our law firm. Having seen countless cases, we are proud to be a trusted source for legal counsel to those in need of help during a difficult time.

Immediately following a car collision, people tend to have many questions. Below we have listed a few common questions to help you start thinking about the claims process and about how auto accident lawyers at MartinWren, P.C. might assist you.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

1) Call 9-1-1 right away.
2) Evaluate yourself and other driver for injuries.
3) Call the police to file a report that details the following:
a. Property damage to each car
b. Description of bodily injury
4) Exchange information with other driver (insurance, contact info).
4) Gather information from witnesses who were present at the time of the crash, so you have additional evidence in court if needed.

Of course, this is simply a brief outline for how to respond at the time of an accident; it may vary depending on the circumstance and what exactly happened. Ensuring you are safe and seek medical attention if needed is most important. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. By hiring auto accident lawyers in Charlottesville VA, you can be sure that someone is working on your behalf to recover the money you spent after the accident.

What Evidence Do I Need to Collect at the Scene?

– Names of witnesses
– Insurance information from other drivers involved
– Vehicle license registration & plate number
– Driver’s license number
– Take photographs of vehicle & bodily damages
– Take photographs of road conditions and/or weather

Collecting evidence that supports your claim at the time of the scene is key to proving your case in court. Scrapes and wounds can start to heal quickly, so capturing the site at its worst is the best way to showcase the severity of your injury.

How Can an Attorney Assist Me?

By choosing Charlottesville VA auto accident lawyers, you can receive guidance and answers to any questions you may have during the claims process. An attorney can help with paperwork, can ensure you have sufficient proof of injuries, and could even talk with your doctor to see how you’re progressing during treatment.

Insurance companies often do everything they can to prevent losing money, even if it means denying you compensation for your medical treatments. You should not have to suffer physically and financially due to the negligence of another person on the road.

Call us today to speak with the Charlottesville VA auto accident lawyers at MartinWren, P.C. about scheduling your first free consultation.

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