Truck Accident Lawyer Virginia

Truck Accident Lawyer Virginia

If you were hit by a commercial truck, you do not have to take on the truck companies, andtheir insurance adjusters, on your own. When negligence or wrongdoing had a role in the collision, it may be possible to collect monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other non-economic damages. To learn more, please call a Virginia truck accident lawyer from MartinWren, P.C. today.

A truck accident is not comparable to any other motor vehicle accident. Not only is the weight and size of the truck significantly larger than a small passenger car, but the way in which a claim has to be handled is different. For this reason, it is essential that you choose a truck accident lawyer in Virginia over a general personal injury lawyer or law firm who has no experience in these types of cases.

Following a commercial truck accident, you may consider:

  • The length of time it will take to fully recover
  • Whether or not your injuries will every fully heal
  • How you will cover the costs of your medical treatment

These questions, and others, may consistently stream through your mind and leave you to feeling confused and overwhelmed. There is only one practical solution to your concerns, and that is to recover a settlement that will cover the full costs of the truck driver’s negligence.

Why You Should Have a Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer Helping You

Soon after the collision, the insurance company or legal team of the truck company might contact you. They may ask you for a statement or encourage you to sign various documents. You might hear things such as:

  • “You don’t need a truck accident lawyer.”
  • “We can settle right now so you can pay for all your losses.”
  • “We believe you are to blame.”
  • “We have evidence that contradicts what you are saying.”

These are only a few examples of tactics that can be used against you. It may be in your best interest to avoid speaking with these parties until you have consulted a Virginia truck accident lawyer. In fact, you legally are not obliged to talk with them. Call a lawyer to learn about your legal rights and options.

Key Differences Between Truck Accident Claims and Car Accidents

Many victims of truck accidents make the mistake of retaining a general law firm who lacks the experience in handling commercial trucking claims. This can be a costly, regrettable, mistake. In these types of cases, you should know that:

  • The insurance company will likely have a large team of investigators involved
  • Black box data could get “lost” or become destroyed
  • There is often millions of dollars at stake
  • Federal laws regulate the trucking industry
  • Many cases involve legal jurisdictions outside of the accident area
  • There are often multiple parties involved

Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer in Virginia Ready to Protect Your Rights and Interests

It is essential your case is handled right from the very beginning. Regardless of what kind of commercial truck hit you, or the extent of your injuries, we want to hear your story. Call a truck accident lawyer Virginia clients recommend today for a complimentary consultation.

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