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personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VAPersonal Injury Lawyer Harrisonburg VA

Personal Injury Lawyer Harrisonburg, VA

If you suffered a personal injury, consider setting up a consultation with a personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA trusts who can guide you throughout the case process to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Personal injuries can be devastating, and can affect a victim’s quality of life severely.  A personal injury can negatively affect your physical and mental well-being, and you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. Victims of personal injury have access to resources so that they can obtain the compensation they need to pay the cost of their sudden expenses and facilitate their physical and mental recovery. Virginia law provides victims a way to recover money for their losses, as well as provide them with peace of mind by ensuring they receive the outcome they are justly owed, especially if the other party was acting in a negligent manner. If you have sustained an injury that was through no fault of your own, take advantage of these resources and consult a lawyer for help. A great personal injury lawyer can be of huge help during this potentially traumatic and stressful experience for you by offering legal assistance while securing the compensation you may be eligible for.

Factors That May Affect the Value of Your Personal Injury

The amount you receive for your personal injury settlement can depend on many different variables. Different factors have different effects on the outcome and the way in which you present factors with evidence can also make a great difference to the outcome of your personal injury case. In many instances, the injuries can be both psychologically and physically distressing and therefore can fall into a gray area. Damage to character can also be grounds for filing a personal injury claim. In such cases, the representation and explanation of your case is highly important, which is why a skilled lawyer can be of great help. With their wide range of skills and years of experience helping clients with their personal injury claims, lawyers are familiar with the legal process and can outline the most effective legal strategies that can help you secure the highest monetary compensation amount that you are eligible for. When you speak to a personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA relies on, he or she may evaluate your case and give you the estimated compensation you could expect to receive. Here are some of the factors where a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg VA can help you receive higher compensation for your injury:

  • A permanent injury, like a loss of mobility, scar, or stiffness
  • A hard injury, which can include a head injury, broken bone, nerve damage, joint injury, or vertebrae injury
  • Emotional and psychological distress from the accident
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • A long recovery period
  • Medication required and prescribed to treat the injury
  • Extensive medical treatments in a hospital or doctor’s office
  • Cost of future treatment and services 

One of the most important differences in a personal injury case is making the court understand the loss you have experienced, which is why it may be in your best interest to hire a highly experienced personal injury lawyer. Not only do you need to figure out the exact cost of economic damages such as the cost of existing and future treatment, missed wages, and reduced earnings capacity, but non-economic damages as well. This includes personal losses that are subjective and are not assigned a given value, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of society and companionship. It is important that you work with a lawyer who can accurately convey the non-economic damages that apply to your case. Non-economic damages may be more difficult to communicate, depending on the case. If the lawyer is highly experienced and skilled, he or she may be able to explain your situation with the available evidence and get the outcome you deserve, which would ultimately lead to ensuring maximum compensation for the hardship you have endured.

How Much Time You Have to File a Claim

A statute of limitations, which is a time limit, may apply in your case subject to the law of the state you live in. This means you may only have a certain length of time in which you may file your personal injury claim to seek proper compensation for the injury and suffering you endured. Many states set the statute of limitations at two years for personal injury claims. If you do not file your claim within this period, you may lose the right to sue for compensation regardless of how devastating your injury was and how many losses you have incurred. Failing to take action in time and missing the window of time to file a claim is a common mistake that many accident victims make. It is also a presentable one. Don’t make this same error and inquire about your legal options early. It is crucial that you act as early as you can so that you have a longer amount of time to gather the information and evidence to support your claim and boost your chances of securing a successful case outcome. A lawyer will need enough time to conduct their investigation and prepare the necessary materials for your case. An experienced Harrisonburg personal injury lawyer, however, can analyze your case, identify the scope of the case that is still available to you, and advise you about further procedures that can be taken.

When It Is Necessary to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Even when you have very minor injuries or you believe you can get a fair settlement on your own, it may be a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg VA. Only a skilled and trusted lawyer can give you an accurate assessment of your case and tell you if it is valid. An experienced personal injury lawyer has likely dealt with cases similar to yours in the past and may counsel you on different courses of action. They can inform you of the next steps you can take. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA residents are proud to have to represent them is the most reliable person to let handle your case with the certainty that he or she can do everything possible within his or her capacity. They have the particular skills and legal experience necessary to optimize your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve. In addition to counseling you through the claims process, a lawyer can provide you emotional support as you deal with this especially stressful time. A personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA respects may be able to estimate the approximate value of your injury, which could be helpful during settlement negotiations with an insurer.

A personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA counts on may also know what evidence you need to win your case. Evidence collection is a critical part of any personal injury case, and it has to be done properly and thoroughly. Many accident victims who choose to handle a personal injury claim on their own often underestimate the difficulty of the evidence collection process. In fact, in many cases, the initial evidence that a victim presents is not necessarily enough and eventually may fail to demonstrate the compensation owed due to lack of strong additional evidence. This is where a personal injury lawyer can be of great help. If the evidence you bring to your initial consultation is not sufficient, he or she could help you collect additional evidence. The type of experienced personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA residents deserve can also guide you on how to pull out the most important case details, prepare them in a way that may be most suitable to the case, and present them properly during trial. For example, medical records can provide information about past and current medical costs from an injury, but it may be equally as important to procure documents that predict future costs of the injury as well. It may be difficult for an accident victim to consider so many factors especially while recovering from the injury, which is why it is highly advisable to seek legal consultation from the type of personal injury lawyers Harrisonburg VA residents should look for. Especially when the injury is something significant in nature, such as a bone fracture or psychological problem, the situation becomes highly critical. If your case is complex, hiring a personal injury lawyer who can give you specialized legal counsel is highly recommended. It is in these types of cases where an experienced personal injury lawyer with extensive previous experience can guide you properly on getting the outcome you deserve.

Punitive Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

As mentioned above, a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg VA can file a personal injury claim on behalf of an accident victim in order to obtain financial compensation from the party or parties whose negligence caused the accident. Whether this party is an individual, company, or another type of entity, Virginia law says that any losses the victim suffers because of their injuries, the at-fault party or parties is legally liable for.

Some of the damages that the victim is entitled to be compensated for include medical expenses to treat their injuries, loss of income and benefits if they are unable to work while they recover, loss of future earning capacity if the victim is left with a permanent disability, pain and suffering, and more. These damages can be both economic (like medical expenses) and non-economic (like pain and suffering).

There is a third type of damage that a victim may be entitled to is punitive damages. These types of damages only apply in certain circumstances. These damages are above and beyond economic and non-economic damages are intended to “punish” the at-fault party because their behavior or action that caused the accident was especially egregious. For example, if a drunk driver struck a victim and injured them, the victim may be able to sue for punitive damages since the at-fault driver was breaking the law. Punitive damages are also intended to send a message to society that the acts or behaviors like that of the at-fault party’s will not be accepted or tolerated. Virginia law defines punitive damages as actions or behaviors that are, “wantonly, oppressively, or with such malice as to evince a spirit of malice or criminal indifference to civil obligations.”

One example of where a Harrisonburg VA personal injury lawyer may pursue punitive damages in a personal injury case is a car accident that is caused by a drunk driver. A driver who gets into his or her vehicle even though they have been drinking alcohol – thereby breaking the law – is a driver who displays willful and wanton reckless conduct.

There are several different types of accidents where punitive damage may be awarded.  These personal injury cases include car accidents, product liability, and premises liability.

In order to be successful in obtaining punitive damages, a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg VA will need to prove the atrocious actions of the at-fault party. Some of the factors the jury will consider include:

  •    How long the at-fault party acted negligently or recklessly
  •    The extent of the victim’s injuries
  •    The type of losses the victim suffered
  •    If the at-fault party tried to hide their actions
  •    Other relevant factors introduced by the lawyers

Under Virginia law, the amount awarded to the victim for punitive damages cannot exceed $350,000. Juries are not informed there is a cap on these damages, so if they award the victim more, the judge is required to reduce the amount.

Emotional Damages in Personal Injury Case

When many people think about personal injury cases, they immediately imagine physical injuries, like broken bones and head injuries. Although accidents can result in many physical injuries, they can result in emotional injuries as well. A personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA may help you pursue compensation for these damages.

What Are Emotional Distress Damages?

Emotional distress damages are created to provide you with financial compensation for the emotional suffering your injury has caused you. Fear, depression, anxiety, anger and sleep deprivation are all common types of emotional distress. For instance, if you were hurt in a car accident, you may be afraid to get into a vehicle again. 

Emotional injuries can make more of a negative impact on your life than many people think. You may have trouble concentrating on your daily tasks and even isolate yourself from others.

How Do You Prove Emotional Distress?

Documenting emotional distress isn’t as clear cut as documenting physical injuries. However, it can still be done. Begin by seeking psychological treatment for your emotional injuries. A mental health counselor can document your emotional distress, providing proof for your personal injury case.

Your personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA may also suggest documenting your emotional injuries in a journal. Write in this journal every day and describe in detail how your emotional distress has affected your life. For example, if you’re having trouble sleeping or anxious, you should jot that information down.

How Do You Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer?

To improve your chances of fair compensation, it’s important to work with a personal injury lawyer. However, with so many different lawyers out there, how do you choose the right one? Here are some qualities you should look for:

  • Specific Experience: Not all personal injury lawyers have the same types of experience. It’s important to hire a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours. For example, if you’re the victim of medical negligence, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who only has experience with car accident cases.
  • Compassionate: Dealing with the physical and emotional injuries that result from an accident isn’t easy. That’s why it’s important to hire a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA who is compassionate. He or she should understand that you’re going through a terrible time and be there for support.
  • Assertive: Filing a personal injury lawsuit involves many hours of negotiation with insurance adjusters. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and won’t give up compensation so easily. It’s critical to hire a lawyer who is assertive and won’t let the insurance companies take advantage.

Hiring a Harrisonburg VA Personal Injury Lawyer

In many personal injury cases, a Harrisonburg VA personal injury lawyer can work on a contingency basis. This means that the fee of the lawyer is determined by the outcome of the case. Regardless of the financial details, a lawyer may provide accident victims with something even more valuable: peace of mind. During moments of distress such as those in a personal injury accident, the mind is vulnerable and many things can occur, such as psychological distress. While legal consulting is beneficial, psychological counseling may be equally as important, and you want to be sure you are getting compensated for the damages and losses you may be incurring, such as the cost for psychological counseling.

You owe it to yourself to hire a reputable lawyer to counsel you during your personal injury case. If you are looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg VA, contact MartinWren, P.C. at (434) 817-3100. It may be in your best interest to find a personal injury lawyer Harrisonburg VA residents are proud to have to represent them and their community.

The Benefits of Having a Personal Injury Lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA

Showing the Insurance Company You Mean Business

It’s common for insurance companies to offer a low settlement for injury compensation or even deny a claim that is completely valid. They’re hoping that the injured person will feel intimidated or give up out of frustration. Things change when you bring a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA to the table. Insurers know they can’t trick you because you have good legal advice behind you and you have the ability to sue them. This often results in the insurance company offering you a higher settlement right away.

Protecting Your Interests

The truth is that you’re never obligated to accept any insurance settlement. At Martin Wren, P.C. Attorneys at Law, one of the first things we discuss with our clients are their preferences and goals regarding the case. That helps us negotiate in a way that looks out for your interests, your needs, your family and your peace of mind. A good personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA should always care about your needs first and foremost.

Saving You Time

It can be challenging to balance recovering from a traumatic injury with other responsibilities. Depending on the accident, you may still need to take care of your family or handle other needs. The last thing you want to deal with are legal proceedings.

With the help of a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA, you can focus on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Let our team at Martin Wren, P.C. Attorneys at Law take care of legal details of your case, such as submitting paperwork, applying for benefits, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurers and taking your case to court.

Helping You Make Wise Decisions

Our legal professionals show you the options that are available. They explain what is going on in clear terms that are easy to understand. They lay out the pros and cons of each possibility and then provide recommendations that are backed by years or decades of experience. This can help you make decisions that benefit you and make you happy.

Filing for Compensation Right Away

Often, people who have gone through a traumatic injury have to wait until after they heal to start the lengthy process of applying for compensation. This can affect your finances negatively, especially if you have sizable medical bills to pay. With a personal injury lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA representing you, it’s possible to seek compensation and apply for benefits almost right away after an injury.

What Is Causing Your Personal Injury Case To Take So Long?

After being injured in an accident, you’re probably going to be quite eager to receive compensation. If something holds up the case, it could get frustratingly expensive. Some personal injury cases are resolved within a year, while others take many years to come to a settlement. Why might your personal injury case be taking so long?

Legal or Factual Problems

It’s possible that after you filed your claim, the other party disputed liability or damages. In that case, things would slow down as liability is determined. When it’s a difficult situation and liability isn’t very obvious, sometimes the two parties aren’t able to come together on a decision. A judge would then have to make a ruling on who is able to sue, and that could make the case last longer as well.

It’s also possible there was a discrepancy with your complaint. Maybe you thought everything was factual, but upon further investigation, the other party found some issues. The other party would then be able to dispute the claim, which will prolong your case altogether.

Substantial Compensation

Sometimes when compensation is quite substantial, the case will take longer because the other party will try everything in the book to not have to pay. It’s understandable when someone is about to lose a significant amount of money, but it can be frustrating to the plaintiff who needs a way to pay for medical bills and other damages in the meantime.

Maximum Medical Improvement

There’s a certain point in your recovery called “maximum medical improvement.” When you reach this point, it means there are little to no unknowns. Your doctor knows just what is wrong with you and which treatments you will require now and in the future. This means that treatment is stable and you will be able to determine an amount of compensation. If you have not reached this point yet, your case might be prolonged until you can get there. 

Evidence Collection

Do you have all the evidence you need to prove liability in your case? If not, it could take some time for your lawyer and his or her investigative team to dig everything up. Sometimes it takes a while for medical providers to release documents, and other times it takes great effort to get witnesses to come forward. 

Hiring a Lawyer To Help

When you’re injured to the extent that you will be paying thousands of dollars in medical expenses, you may want to seek compensation from the responsible party. Hire a personal injury lawyer today to help you get what you deserve.



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