Virginia Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Virginia Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Virginia Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Virginia semi truck accident lawyers want you to know that federal regulations are in place to prevent collisions between commercial trucks and smaller personal vehicles. Most drivers follow these regulations. However, sometimes a driver becomes tired or distracted or stressed enough to disregard the regulations, even if only for a moment. When this happens, a truck driver becomes negligent, which can result in an accident. When such an accident occurs, the repercussions can be devastating which is why MartinWren, P.C., Virginia semi truck accident lawyers are prepared to help you pursue your case. We want you to be aware that there are patterns of negligence that occur due to the nature of truck driving and tend to lead to truck accidents.

Eating and Drinking

Truck drivers are expected to adhere to tight schedules. Some attempt to save time by eating and/or drinking while they drive. This represents a driving distraction because it takes the driver’s mind off the task of driving. It also requires the driver to remove at least one hand from the wheel.

Electronic Devices

Virginia semi truck accident lawyers can attest to the incredible dangers that electronic devices pose when paired with driving. A truck driver may have a legitimate reason to use an electronic device while driving. He or she may need to communicate with dispatch via a cell phone or use GPS to follow the correct route. However, even legitimate use of such a device may represent a distraction that can cause an accident. There are also illegitimate reasons why a driver might use a device while driving, such as entertaining himself or herself on a long drive by trying to watch streaming television programs.


Virginia truck accident lawyers have represented accidents that were the result of driver fatigue. Trucking involves long hours on the road, often at all times of the day or night. There are laws in place requiring truckers to rest after a certain number of hours on the road. Unfortunately, there is also pressure from trucking companies to observe a sometimes unrealistic schedule. Often truder drivers are motivated to drive beyond the time limit because many of them are paid by the mile. Some give in to temptation and push themselves beyond the limits, becoming fatigued as a result.

Excess Speed

The same factors that motivate truckers to drive too long and become fatigued may also motivate them to drive faster than conditions warrant. Our semi truck accident lawyers based in Virginia want you to know that, according to the federal government, nearly 25% of all truck crashes result from driving too fast for conditions. It’s important to note that it is possible to obey the speed limit and still be driving too fast for conditions. When the road is slippery or visibility is low due to weather conditions such as rain, snow, or fog, drivers should adjust their speed accordingly to maintain control of the vehicle and give themselves time to bring it to a halt if necessary.

At MartinWren, P.C., our attorneys have resources at their disposal to gather the necessary evidence. Contact our Virginia semi truck accident lawyers today for more information.

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